1. Today was my first day taking it - I was previously given Extended release ad. But it was kinda weird and I had a HUGE crash after just 4 hours of taking it so now I was put on Ritalin - my DR told me to start with half a tab (5mg) and then I can work up to a standard dose (10 - 20mg) Every stimulant has made me super hot and sweaty at first, then I kinda get blabber mouth thanks to the upper, and then it's just calm. My brain goes quiet, it just feels like I'm content with anything and unworried.... and sweaty lol I don't know if he is supposed to say this but he told me "I like this medication because you can really self dose, some days you may only need one pill, some days you may need two. You'll know the proper dose for yourself so experimenting is good to know what'll work for you in different situations however if you get to 20 mg then let's discuss it before you need more."

  2. You could have SCT sluggish cog. tempo, if so you need strattera not ritalin

  3. Nvm I just looked it up. I can’t believe I never heard of that I have a degree in psychology and child development

  4. I hit a pothole swan street that popped my tire. I called 311 and they filled it in in less than a week

  5. One of my RA matched with me on tinder and we hooked up 🤪another one bought bud from me

  6. Someone at wegmans on military road was threatening to shoot the place up 30 minutes ago

  7. https://niagaraaction.com/law-enforcement-responds-to-wegmans-in-niagara-falls-after-shooting-threat/?fbclid=IwAR2wlE08QqNC6SQpqXR3NucDl-i8xAVt6nvks2LskPtTqYrM6smYSxeLCd0

  8. I know it doesn’t mean much but going viral is an opportunity

  9. Been there a few times. You pay $20, smoke all you want. Can't bring anything in, can't leave with anything. They have a menu to choose from.

  10. Duffs. If you’re still attracted to them with Buffalo sauce all over their face. They’re a keeper

  11. I’m currently hyperfixated on making Tik Toks. It consumes my every thought. Every thing I do or think I label it as tik tok worthy or not

  12. This poem made me want to snap. I was reading it in my head with a rhythmic slam poetry tone. I feel like the last line would be read with a step forward, an eye roll and a hair flip. I'd be curious to know if you'd ever consider performing your poem at a poetry slam.

  13. My favorite lines are "I made my own way out of me." and "Through cracks I've made, I see your face." It made me feel the sense of being trapped in my skin. I thought about how our skin or the way we look traps us in roles and we put up walls to protect ourselves. I appreciate the use of bolding

  14. First off ... take a breath. Give yourself some time to adjust to the hormone changes. Hormones control the majority of how we behave and feel in addition to a lot of the physical processes we need to live so a big change will have some side effects.

  15. I needed to take a breath thank you. I’m seeing a new gyno is a few weeks

  16. hey came across your post bc I searched birth control in the ADHD thread. I'm currently having a similar experience and I feel better knowing I'm not alone. I stopped taking it this week and I felt so symptomatic I didn't even consider it being ADHD related I immediately thought I had a serious medical issue going on so I got a million tests done and everything was fine so the connection finally dawned on me and I'm kinda pissed my doctor couldn't make that connection

  17. I’ve been getting a lot of ads for phexxi, and it seems likes there’s a few brands of vaginal gel birth control, that plus the pull out method might be something I’d be comfortable with

  18. I was going to talk to my doc about phexxi but I’ve been seeing it caused infections and I’m SUPER prone to it

  19. I switched from the pill to a copper IUD and I’m in love with it. It’ll be a month next week when I go for my checkup. I got it inserted on my period and I haven’t had any spotting or cramping since then.

  20. I’m scared of that one though. People say it caused them the worst pain they’ve ever felt.

  21. So wait, is this person buying her own Amway products and then donating them, or getting other people to buy them and then donating them. Because if it's the first option, it honestly isn't that bad. She would still be spending her own money to donate; the commission would just act like a small discount. If it's other people paying for the products then it's sleazy.

  22. So I totally agree that this is disgusting behavior on Sandra’s part. BUT the part about how when you donate money at the checkout line the store claims it as a tax write off is false. It’s illegal for them to include it as revenue, donate it themselves, and get the tax write off. You are still the one entitled to claim that donation on your taxes.

  23. Ding ding ding congratulations on being the 50th person to comment this wee woo wee woo

  24. She is doing nothing. I’d rather her do absolutely nothing because then the people who sent her money could have sent their money to an organization actually helping Ukraine

  25. Stupid. Give a jar of peanut butter and some boxed milk for the same price as a box of bars and you’ll feed way more people.

  26. Contact ticket master, if an artist cancels they should be able to refund you

  27. I’m gonna try but they are historically dicks

  28. no-h says:

    A lot of lying to mask being late or forgetful or procrastinating - sorry, traffic was a nightmare! Oh my gosh, you wouldn't BELIEVE the morning I had! Yes, I'm on it - I tried to get it done yesterday, but my internet went out! Oh shoot, I grabbed the wrong bag this morning - I'll bring it tomorrow! Oh yeah, the project is going great - just have to put some finishing touches on it before I turn it in.

  29. I didn’t even notice this was “masking”

  30. I feel both seen and attacked by this 😅

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