1. It doesn't even look like he throws the hook with full power. Doesn't sit down on the strike, just throws it

  2. Anybody that tries to stand and bang with this dude is going to get fucked up. Izzy has been the most amazing striker I've seen in the last ten years, and if he can't hang then I don't think anyone can. Dudes scary, and will need to be wrestle fucked

  3. It's a joke dude. Relax. I don't play guitar. I was trying to be nice enough. You know, like when i said see eye to eye in an eye poke related comment. Other than that, the best i can say is hey keep playin that keyboard, you're doing great.

  4. hey you don't have to play keyboard. You can marry your keyboard, seeing as it is your type.

  5. If Conan were to make a cake of himself this would be the result

  6. I hit the bike park without ever having ridden a mountain bike before and it was unbelievable. Do it. It's a great time

  7. I think you got me convinced. How do the rentals work? Do I need a full face helmet?

  8. I rented and had everything provided. You will want a full helmet, I actually fell a few times, nothing bad, but I did break the derailleur on my first lap. They also have beginner nights I believe where you get a lift pass, lesson, and full setup (I think). I have a friend who is an instructor so I went with her and learned a lot.

  9. Probably wouldn't be hard to find him in the Whistler Summer Facebook group if you really want to find him

  10. This has probably been OPs gameplan his entire life, hence the severe brain damage leading to this post

  11. If you're hunting achievements then unless you did the upload save exploit you'd need to play the game through three times.

  12. My first playthrough took me about 110 hours, my second was like 8 hours lmao, and that's with completing every trophy I hadn't gotten yet. Need to go through one more time for the plat

  13. Then be more transparent about the ailment. People obviously care and it’s easy to release an update and still respect privacy. No news or updates allows for rumors to start.

  14. Why though? If you were to get sick I wouldn't be up your ass trying to figure out what's wrong with you. If you want to tell me then that is your choice, but I really don't need to know, and I would respect whatever decision you were to make regarding public acknowledgement.

  15. Anal sex is awesome. I like it so much that I have even done it up a guy's ass. It feels so good.

  16. Thought the exact same thing. Looked like a bunch of queefs

  17. Same here, I know people are always going to be filming stuff but this just seems excessive. Who gives a shit, dude swings super fast, it's like being able to strum a guitar faster than anybody else on the planet.

  18. Im afraid to listen... Jack has been peddling vinyl recordings as a magical thing, that it has something MORE that digital recordings have.. which is the opposite from the truth. I have tremendous respect for the artist but the day he bought the vinyl press it has been like watching a dear friend to start selling snakeoil. And because of his status people might just believe him. When they truth is that vinyl records are the worst medium we have, by far.

  19. Vinyl records are the worst medium we have by far? Smoke another one

  20. Well i guess they still do wax cylinders but lets say, worst medium that is mass produced.

  21. Love how Dennis stays in character, and the camera pans to cut Mac out of the shot haha

  22. He looks right at Mac and clearly sees him breaking but keeps his shit together so well. I'd be cracking up big time

  23. I had a lady text me a pic of her pink burger and say she knew it wasn’t my problem but she ordered well done. Sheesh. If you know it’s not my fault then why text me? Call door dash or the restaurant and complain. H

  24. Unhinged. One of those people you know not to set off, because they will absoooolutely go 9/11 times a thousand

  25. Colors on the costume feel a bit muted/light. Overall good stuff though. Just nitpicking since you do so much good work.

  26. On a power play it isn’t uncommon. If you win you can spread the ice instantly and if you los it’s no loss since that side of the ice is still even strength.

  27. Was gonna say, I feel like on a powerplay this should happen every time, win the draw and you instantly fire it over to a wide open sheet of ice

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