2022 Tour

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  1. Same company, at least in Australia.

  2. And it’s a great recording for sure, but it’s not quite at the level of a mixed nugs release - absolutely worth checking out though, you’re right! Just a little strange that it’s the one show missing from the tour collection.

  3. I emailed nugs myself, and their response was that it was at the discretion of the artist as to what gets uploaded and when, so I’m still not sure.

  4. I keep checking for Copenhagen, but it looks like it was skipped over. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Curious also - I’ll be there, coming from Australia!

  6. I still have this 2CD set! ♥️

  7. I can happily upload it if you’re interested!

  8. Yep - Brisbane, Australia!

  9. I like them a lot, some great colour options out there - I love the one in the photo! What kinda band you got going on there?

  10. Was my first time trying for tickets, from here in Australia. Really quite easy for me to get what I was hoping for, thankfully!

  11. haha my condolences! wonder if we met at one of those christmas conferences 😂

  12. Maybe! I left the company in 2013…?

  13. Wow. What area were you working in? I ran a couple stores in north QLD.

  14. I’m in Brisbane - scored tickets to LA night 1 this morning!

  15. This is completely not true. I was smashed into from behind stopped at a light and plowed into the car in front of me - the person who hit me was at fault, and responsible, for both myself and the car in front of me I was smashed into, according to QPS.

  16. Late Show with David Letterman, June 9, 1997.

  17. Queensland, Australia. 👋🏻

  18. Jerry Garcia played on a couple of tracks on Warren Zevon’s Transverse City, and that is a GREAT album. (It also features Neil Young, David Gilmour and Chick Corea, for what it’s worth.)

  19. And that’s the tour. Thanks so much for sharing, so incredibly grateful, very much. ♥️

  20. Thank you, for the links for both the shows and the awareness. Very very cool.

  21. Obviously a big fat typo, and you meant to reference Live on Letterman 2013.

  22. Always thought Malcolm would be a good alternate!

  23. You ever see Kevin Smith’s Red State?

  24. Would anyone still have these recordings anywhere to download? Thank you!

  25. So it’s all from the one show?

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