1. There's usually at least one household name per series but also some that haven't had that much exposure. In this series Sarah and Dara are big names but John and Fern haven't done much TV at all and Munya's not greatly known outside his YouTube following. For s13 Chris' stand-up shows fill arenas, Judi was on the British Dancing With The Stars and Ardal was star of one of the most loved sitcoms of all time who's also anchored a couple of big prime-time series, while Bridget was a cult/"comedian's comedian" type and Sophie is just about starting to make her own name.

  2. Thank you! I find myself googling most of the contestants but wasn’t sure how to gage some of their credits. Thanks for the explanation!

  3. Thanks, I never see the previews for some reason.

  4. Here’s a link the the preview. I haven’t seen it in any other place besides twitter:

  5. That was pretty cool to see the behind the scenes stuff. I don't use twitter so I'd have never seen that otherwise. Thanks.

  6. I miss the longer partnerships too. My friend commented that when a partnership gets broken that it's unfair that they're the only new couple when others get to stay with their original person.

  7. True. It does seem a little unfair; however, I still miss this longer format.

  8. I watch this show for the dancing and to see some dancers that haven't made the leap to tv. Some have more established work than others, but I'm not sure I've ever seen someone and already were familiar with them as a dancer (a family member, sure.. or repeat contestant... but not like someone from movie or show I had seen). So whomever wants to try out, you are getting some good exposure to the public... getting that resume credit... and hopefully it's a boost to your career.

  9. I feel the same way as you! Also, this is the first season I’ve watched actively with a community and I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s opinions (however negative) after each episode. I’ll definitely be back if their is another season!

  10. Ive talked to Thiago about this (he’s my brother) and he says most of the time they literally sit down and read these tweets to each other and laugh. He says some take it personally, but most don’t.

  11. I’m glad it doesn’t seem to phase them! It can get toxic so easily. I hope your brother had a good experience on the show!

  12. Yeah, don't know what I was thinking. Six choreographers, of course just six dances.

  13. For number 2, didn’t they have to dance even more in past seasons? I remember there being the first episode and then a second episode in the same week for results. Does that seem, right?

  14. It’s not the amount of routines but the time between episodes. Since the old shows use to film live, they were on a consistent week to week schedule where they had a full week to rest/recover and learn new choreography. This year, though, taping isn’t live so they have a much more condensed shooting schedule and less time to recover and learn new dances. For instance, there were something like two days between shooting top 12 and top 11, which is an insane schedule and I think it is a big factor in the quality of the performances.

  15. Carter felt really weak at the start but he was incredible the last 2 weeks that I actually wished he was in that top 3. He definitely had the best growth thus far.

  16. For me it wasn’t so much dancing growth but performing growth. In the last two episodes I was like “oh, there’s your personality,” with Carter. 😂

  17. I’m still complete flabbergasted over the fact that Beau made it to the top six by having one single dance outside the jazz/contemporary/broadway styles. One dance. I think I would have supported him way more if he had more diverse dances and actually demonstrated that he could learn and adapt. While Essence isn’t my favorite dancer, she at least showed that she was willing to overcome and persevere through several different styles.

  18. But again, it’s not Beau’s fault - It’s the producers who make those decisions.

  19. I definitely don’t blame Beau but I don’t think this decision did him any favors. I think I would have appreciated him more if he had to be more versatile. 🤷‍♀️

  20. I watch the show for dancing and Beau is my favorite. I don't care about dancers who don't show any growth throughout the series. I want the dancer who are improving week to week, not staying in the same place. Yes, Alexis is the best dancer but I find my self not caring as much because she just meets her standards every week & and never exceeds them.

  21. So I’m really curious about the growth you’ve seen in Beau. He hasn’t had as many dance genres outside his own style (I may be wrong but he has had 1 broadway, 2 contemporary, and at least 1 jazz and 1 ballroom) and most of these are character pieces; whereas, other dancers have had way more thrown at them (Keaton has had 2 different ballrooms, disco, an African jazz, and 1 contemporary. Rayln has had 2 ballroom, 2 hip hop, African jazz, et cetera). Although this is not his fault, Beau hasn’t had to show the same diversity as other dancers on the show. For me, he has been very flat because he is given dances that aren’t as challenging and are more aligned to his training than the other dancers. I would love to see him grow and kill but he isn’t treated the same as the other dancers, which I think is a big issue people have with him.

  22. I corrected my post. I mixed Keaton up with Beau. Keaton is the one I find has improved every week.

  23. I can totally see how the name Beau would fit Keaton as well. 😂

  24. I’ll guessing one of those 5 dances in the finale could be a repeat dance? Which would explain Emma and Sashas stories the day before the finale taped. So that makes me think that Keaton will be in the finale.

  25. I think it’s interesting that it will be a two person finale. I was betting on at least three dancers in the finale.

  26. Does anyone have experience working for Camp Europe or the English Camp Company? Because I am an adjunct professor, I have the summer available and I was thinking about working/teaching abroad between semesters. Are these companies legitimate? Is there anything I should know about the application process? Are there any other summer teaching jobs I should look for?

  27. Does anyone have experience working for Camp Europe or the English Camp Company? Because I am an adjunct professor, I have the summer available and I was thinking about working/teaching abroad between semesters. Are these companies legitimate? Is there anything I should know about the application process? Are there any other summer teaching jobs I should look for?

  28. The new thread has just gone up, so I suggest reposting there.

  29. Thanks. I must have missed the new thread.

  30. John Keene is an African American Poet and novelist who just won the MacArthur Genius Grant. He is a bit more experimental but an amazing writer.

  31. Also, keep in mind, most literary journals look for previously unpublished poems. They consider a poem "published" if it has been posted anywhere online including, but not limited to, facebook, instagram, twitter, reddit, personal blogs, so on and so forth. Moreover, self-publishing a manuscript does get your manuscript out there but is not considered a legitimate form of publication for awards, grants, or as a book requirement for a job/fellowship/editorial position.

  32. Thank you so much! I truly do appreciate your time and consideration in commenting. I definitely don’t post a lot of my poems for that very reason. At the very least I was doing something correct. Thank you for that. I will definitely look through submittable and see if there are any publishers that catch my eye.

  33. No worries! We've all been where you have been. It really comes down to a whole lot of trial and error and rejections. So many rejections. Good luck!

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