AITA for grounding my daughter?

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  1. Also, I have seen so many times on here when something happens they end up tryin got make the woman the caretaker. No offense depending on what his condition/ symptoms are maybe she doesn’t want to be responsible for taking care of him on this trip. Does he need to bathed? Changed? Watched every second? Sounds not like a vacation anymore and car giving is not for everyone.

  2. I doubt that she would be his caregiver since it sounds like she has minimal interactions with him.

  3. As a female I have been in this situation MANY times throughout my life where people I had never even met before expected me to watch/care for their children/disabled dependents while not taking NO for an answer. Many time I ended up roped into situations I wasn't the least bit comfortable or prepared for and now I was somehow RESPONSIBLE if anything goes wrong. It wouldn't surprise me in the least bit to hear a story on here after that got back from said trip about husband ditching wife with autistic brother so husband could go do fun things then he gets back and is mad to find brother had meltdown because she didn't know she shouldn't have been wearing perfume. How dare her she should have known. Etc etc.

  4. It sounds like she is bringing a friend along to spend time with, so assumption would be that her partner would be spending time with his brother while she’s with her friend. He is her family and I don’t think her partner should have to be cut out his own brother. They can go on a solo trip again later, their dad just died and he wants his brother to come spend time with them.

  5. Are you asking a question or making a statement? Cant tell at this juncture. Go look at all the costs of living comparatively like i have and you tell me

  6. Well, you don’t say where in Montana you live so I can’t, but I do know that north Idaho & boise area are the most expensive places in Idaho to live, and our wages are generally low af compared to other places.

  7. I will be getting a flat transfer that will pay anywhere between 29-32 per hour and once i test up in a few years. will be making close to 50 .

  8. you mean like let your dog pull you all over the place and fight with other dogs and jump on people and shit? yeah I'd like to know also

  9. And Trump if he runs again unfortunately.. we fucked either way but the people that thought Biden was the savior from Trump really need their head examined...

  10. Tell them you’ll have to add on an additional 2k covid charge 🤣 but seriously does your contract give you the option to not shoot the wedding?

  11. Hey, I’m in Idaho too… it’s awful here. The only places that seem to be requiring masks are st als and st Luke’s and even they allow people to have them hanging loosely off their face half their time.

  12. This article is 2 years old now, but just as relevant and was predictive of what happened.

  13. It will be interesting to see how the next year plays out with covid, monkey pox, and polio circulating around the USA.

  14. How the fuck do we have even polio now, I thought that was eradicated like 30 years ago except in third-world countries wtf. Watch and see, some poor bastard in NY will be the first to have all three at the same time by this fall.

  15. They estimate 100s of people in NY have polio…. Usually it is strains that come from the live vaccine that is used in other countries. The first person identified was an unvaccinated person who got it out of the country. The rate of anti vaxxers is growing all over. My state is just barely above the level of vaccination for herd immunity according to our local news. That area in NY is known for having low vaccine rates and is the same county that had the measles outbreak in 2019

  16. A lot of clients look for validation that they have knots and tightness so she may have just been trying to confirm and validate what you were saying. We don’t really think that deep about peoples bodies when we are massaging tbh.

  17. I keep seeing ads on Facebook for giraffe laugh new preschool, not sure how old they need to be for that, but they also have a daycare.

  18. San Mateo or Danville is a nice place to live. For vacation I like San Cruz, aptos, half moon bay, Lake Tahoe

  19. No and I’d probably cancel because he seems creepy af. Hopefully you haven’t paid yet

  20. Hmm. If you feel comfortable I would say “it is extremely inappropriate for you to ask me to send you pictures of myself in lingerie and I am feeling pretty uncomfortable now with that and the fact you no longer allow a guest during the sessions. Please send my deposit back as I do not feel safe attending this session any longer. Thanks.”

  21. Hippie Shake is a good one. But don’t wander too far from there: Highlands is more miss than hit.

  22. I’m hoping to get a growler of some Triple Pi from Flying pie.

  23. If you’re doing growlers get some hippie shake from highlands hollow

  24. Name and shame. If they posted it for everyone to see, that's their problem.

  25. It goes against Reddit community standards. If it’s a Public figure that is different.

  26. Reddit is such a bunch of pussies. Sad you'd waste your time caring about it.

  27. The group can be shut down if we don’t enforce the guidelines.

  28. I know it can happen but it seems those are actual edge cases. I don't think we shouldn't be worried at all but at this point I'd mostly be worried about gloves and hand disinfection. I know CDC isn't externally trustworthy to you but they do stress it's touching objects during sex that's especially risky and even contact with respiratory secretions. I imagine this applies to children which... Let's say they produce lots of bodily fluids and require lots of physical contact from their carers.

  29. I think it’s very poor messaging from the CDC on how much they’ve focused on sex as transmission. It’s close physical contact or touching objects an infected person has touched. They wouldn’t have announced it a public health emergency if it wasn’t one. They’re already detecting it in waste water in large amounts. The polio outbreak in NY is also concerning. They estimate that 100s of people are already infected.

  30. I think distrust is ok but research is pretty clear on this in regard to who catches it mostly, which suggests touch and sex are main type of transmission by a landslide. How can that woman know she got it from money specifically?

  31. She doesn’t have any known contacts that have it. So that would be community spread. The cdc has stated you can get it from touching something that an infected person touched, and from stuff like bedding, towels, clothing in a store that someone tried on etc. lots of people travel and stay in hotels and air bnb.

  32. My husband won’t get a booster shot now. He got the j&j single vaccine because I was pregnant and made him go with me but now he is tricked into thinking the boosters are bad 😩 he is set to go back to work in a fall center next month…

  33. Ugh I am sorry. Hoping everyone stays covid free! Will they at least wear masks when not eating dinner?

  34. I would measure where your cervix is throughout your cycle. You do need to know cervix height for cups & for discs to get a good fit. You might need a softer rim also if it’s not the size that’s the issue

  35. Does it require two mattresses or could you get away with 1 queen bed?

  36. If you plan to have it open all the time a king, otherwise it would be 2 twin xl but double check the measurements

  37. I only try to sell stuff that I think might actually be worth decent money. If it doesn’t sell within a few weeks I post it for free. If it doesn’t go for free I donate or throw away lol. Unless it’s something worth a lot of money then I’ll hold onto it until it sells.

  38. I have been just hitting the spam button instead. Probably screwing up their algorithms, but it saves me 3-5 second on each removal.

  39. Could that have negative effects on a persons account if their comments keep getting marked as spam?

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