1. Got offered 400€ to meet someone in a hotel. He wanted me to not wash my dick for a few days and grow a layer of dickcheese, which he then would lick off.

  2. I mean 400€ is quite alot...(this is a joke don't down vote me 💀)

  3. I used to have this friend named Elizabeth and she used to say "are you even human if you've never had a lana phase" So I went and played 24 by LDR (my first LDR song) and fell into the deepest rabbit hole

  4. Tbh most straight guys want nothing to do with me💀 I'm very popular at school but still surprisingly not have any straight guy friends. Tho I don't mind and actually prefer it because 99% of the guys at my school are racist transphobic nazis who worship Andrew tate so I keep my distance lol. Tho tbh it'd be nice to have guy friends cause idk what that feels like ;(

  5. I'm unfortunately from a very Conservative and homophobic country. Can't wait to leave and never come back 🙏🏼

  6. Also if u know any movies like this also let me know down below

  7. To be honest I'm so happy for her she deserves all the sucess she's getting

  8. THANKYOU SO SO MUCH everything about this is so artistic I love it This gave me a solid idea on what to do now thankyou so much

  9. Hi! I'm happy to play around with this design. It sounds like you might be going for boho vibes? And are you a teen who gets to redesign their room and has the money for new bed, paint, etc?

  10. Also if you want I can send you some more pics of the room from differnt angles (idk if u can send images on reddit tho)

  11. So she has very beautiful East Asian hair and a couple of months ago she applied red dye to it and got this dark brownish red. Now she wants to go light purple on the under sides of her head. I was planning on using 30 volume bleach and then applying a lavender dye, tho idk if the bleach will be enough and might need a second round I don't know!!!


  13. The first night I spent with the man who ended up being both the best thing and the worst thing that happened to my life

  14. A FELLOW TV TIME USERRR gimmie ur account let's be mutual

  15. Idk why this screams sigma Anyways watch the walking dead you'll like it !

  16. Reading this put a smile on my face :) I also manifested beauty in a matter of just some days, I was always insecure about my short eyelashes, deep eye bags and chubby face. But as soon as I started manifesting I noticed my eyelashes were growing more and more every time I looked in the mirror, my eyebags had completely disappeared and I lost all my face fat and had a sharp jaw. Its crazy how much being positive and loving yourself can do for you ♡ Stay positive everyone and your manifestations will cone to you ♡

  17. Best way to ease into the routine is a short-ish workout.

  18. I wish I can be more helpful, I'm mainly trying to get better myself. We can do this! ♥️

  19. How long before you dropped Dark? I can't imagine you watched the first season completely and didn't want to watch how everything is answered. It has a decently satisfying ending and all loose ends are tied and explained.

  20. Yo watch breaking bad RIGHT NOW. I urge you. NOW. why ya still reading this go watch it. Go. Now

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