1. The bike is an older mid-level full suspension. Modern FS bikes are so, so, so much more efficient to pedal because the suspension is a better design. There's a good chance you're wasting a fair bit of energy compressing the rear shock as you pedal. This, we can't tell you without riding with you.

  2. Thank you, I think I will trade my GT FS for a HT just to lose a few bike pounds, while workon my fitness and skill.

  3. I like 29ers, full stop, because I like large wheels and how they handle. I have 29x2.4", 2.6", or 3.0" tires on all my offroad bikes, and on my gravel bikes I tend to larger tires as well. I don't think they compromise handling at all, especially as I'm someone who mostly ride on the ground with occasional jumps and drops to handle trail features, not for the act of jumping itself.

  4. In Europe, durable and easy to get parts? DT Swiss, likely something built around either the 370 (3-pawl) or 350 (ratchet) hubs.

  5. Too large of a frame will have you leaning over too far to reach the bars. This means your arms will be fairly extended, and you won't be able to reach out enough with one side of your body when making low speed turns.

  6. very well written and well said. thank you!

  7. You're welcome! Good luck with the search!

  8. So, about all those FUCK JOE BIDEN and FUCK YOUR FEELINGS flags...

  9. Is the freehub staying still, or is it sliding?

  10. The freehub is stationary as far as I can tell. I’ll take it apart after the holiday and report back.

  11. If the freehub is not moving, but the cassette is, that's what you need to troubleshoot. If it's XD, figure out why it's moving in relation to the center sleeve. If it's Shimano HG, check out what's up with the lockring, the spacers, etc. If Microspline, get looking into however that works...

  12. I’m leaning towards alloy regardless so I know the bike won’t be the lightest thing, I guess going for a more xc bike would fix that, so I was considering the neuron. But I feel it’s not for what I want in a bike/to progress on. Other options for me were stumpy/spectral 125/Izzo. Some recommended the giant trance x and the 429. And I probably will buy new with what I can find, sometimes I don’t trust used and warranties sometimes do not pass down on the frames I believe.

  13. If you get some lighter wheels, it'll really make the bike come alive. Overall bike weight doesn't matter as much, but light wheels are noticeable, especially when climbing, because unless you're hammering at a very steady rate climbing is a bunch of small accelerations.

  14. I’ve been happy with my Pivot 429 for 5 years now. I like that it’s lighter than an all mountain but I can still descend well with it. It also has a DW link like the Ripley. Check out the Pivot 429. I’m not saying one is better but it’s in the same category.

  15. I have one of these as well, in the non-Enduro build. It's an outstanding aggressive XC / trail bike.

  16. I’m not saying it can’t work. I’m saying you’re making water with extra steps.

  17. ...but it fizzes so it's gotta be good! ;)

  18. I wonder why your reply has got so many downvotes, as it is actually a perfectly working solution.

  19. No. It's a poor idea, because your rear wheel will get worn faster (and have less traction) and your front is where you want more traction. So you compromise your bike handling to maaaaybe eek out a little more life.

  20. Oof. I had no idea they don't have bleed blocks.

  21. After you get better at riding you won't use the numbers at all. It'll all go by feel, and you'll develop a good sense of where you are in the shifting based on how pedaling feels on the terrain in front of you. Just give it time. :)

  22. Any additional information? An official announcement or anything? Just wanted to make sure I know all the details before I go posting to the local clubs.

  23. Check out the DTE Trail page on Facebook, that's where they post most of the info (

  24. yeah those guys absolutely crank too. and they do it on gravel bikes so it’s super fast.

  25. That can be a risky way to go on multi-use multi-directional trails where hikers are already salty about now having to share the trail.

  26. Wearing underwear beneath your bike shorts will result in a lot of chafing because then they can't do their job of hugging your skin.

  27. It's comfy, it doesn't catch on your saddle as you move around, doesn't bunch up in the crotch, cool in hot weather, wicks sweat, and doesn't result in chafing (eg: jogger's nipple) as the wet fabric rubs moves against your skin.

  28. I use glass cleaner, then go to alcohol if there's something stuck to them which the glass cleaner doesn't get off (eg: pine sap).

  29. Protip: Still photos (there's SO MANY beautiful things along where you started) are so much better than the base of a kiosk and a second of an old penstock.

  30. That spoke protector is supposed to be on the freewheel, not on the hub. If the chain drops on the hub side, the protector will keep it freewheeling instead of locking up the chain in the hub, pulling the crank along with it and breaking your legs.

  31. There's no freewheel here, it's a freehub. And spoke protectors like this clip to the spokes and are therefore fixed to the position of the hub. The cassette and freehub then rotate independently of the spoke protector/spokes/hub.

  32. Consider removing any brake hose clamps / cable ties within a few feet of the caliper if you can. These will often cause the hose to apply enough force on the caliper to move it off center.

  33. Get the PolyLube 1000 to start, as it's fine for pedal threads and almost everything else.

  34. I'd get another 130 and better protect it, or a 530 if you want a few more features.

  35. Yeah was leaning towards the 530 (also got the screen protector and silicon case 😅). Also bought a replacement screen from ebay to try and repair the old one....

  36. I tend to use the road-type out-front mounts, facing backwards, to hold the computer over the stem. I guess this could have the same thing happen as what did for you, but you could also move it so it's in the corner between the stem and bar and thus protected a bit more.

  37. 3M VHB tape -- which you'll be able to find in smallish pieces at any auto parts store -- should work fine.

  38. Thanks! I was applying the sealant via the sidewall in accordance to the manual, the syringe was used to messure the 60ml, I cannot eyeball that.

  39. Yep, you need to shake more. Those are just un-broken-up latex solids.

  40. If you're bonking, you aren't consuming enough calories during the ride. And with that means you need to consume lots of water.

  41. It also shifts your weight forward, which makes it more likely that you'll spin your rear wheel.

  42. At least the deer move. I've never come across a turkey while riding. Hope I never do.

  43. Turkeys move about the same. They just sort of bumble around the trail. Hardest part is on tight/twisty stuff (say, Highland) when they walk off the trail they are often then on another part, just around the corner.

  44. One time I chased a cat about 40 ft at Riverbends. He wouldn't leave the trail. Fun times.

  45. I just hit this trail today for the first time, it was good but I found it a bit diffcult to flow my route without having to look at the map, even then I missed a good chunk. It's exciting to see the Metroparks building trails to this caliber.

  46. Check out Metro Detroit Mountain Bikers, I think they do. I'm curious what you missed, though, as starting from the trailhead and going right at every intersection (except a connector) does the whole thing except for Beach. Then you can lap Beach at the end if you want.

  47. Keep in mind that if you're serious about doing a whole gravel series, you're apt to have at least one race where it's wet/muddy. In those conditions you'll want the extra clearance around the tire to avoid frame damage.

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