What 100% FACT is the hardest to believe?

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  1. about 15 miles N of the AL boarder hour and a half S of Nashville

  2. Thank you. A bit far south for me, but good luck!

  3. Masks do a better job at protecting others than yourself. The obvious implication of that is that masking up yourself is more of a courtesy to those around you than a way of protecting one's self. That is why we have mandates - to keep people who are asymptomatic from spreading it.

  4. I mean I guess the headline says what you want, but reading a bit further in, the article still agrees with my point anyway. At no point did I say masks do not protect you at all. The wording "better job at protecting others than yourself" leaves me that amount of room.

  5. Whatever you say @DrMobius0, please continue to indulge us in your mental masterbation and nihilistic endeavor to push your beliefs. ✌️

  6. Yeah, cuz stopping peaceful protests is WhAT AmEriCA 🇺🇸 iS alL AbOUt!

  7. Gotta make sure they're all getting the right propagand...uhh... I mean, information!

  8. Here’s some more info on that explosion in 2015

  9. Get some pantry moth traps, they get into all the things and multiply.

  10. Just like they said they weren't invading Ukraine in the first place.

  11. Welcome to the future. You'll own nothing (yes, that includes your body) and be happy about it.

  12. Sorry, I can't help it. Here's some of my "reading" you asked I do.

  13. Oh ok, thanks for your helpful reply and edification of us all.

  14. Merica, FUCK YEAH! Comin to save the motha f’n dayyaaaahhhh! …Wait, that’s everywhere

  15. Water glassing works great, my wife was very skeptical the first year but she agrees they eggs are fine.

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