1. Wind or Air Current from left to right can also make flights push in the opposite direction and dart to enter at an angle

  2. That what I prefer as a rear gripper, I like a little space between my fingers which are large and the flights

  3. What’s your practice routine typically look like? I’m around at 45-50 after a year of playing looking to practice better

  4. I usually play 2 games of 501 SIDO to warm up and then throw 2-3 games of Bobs 27 and then back to my 501. Sometimes I will target practice on 32, 16, 8 for specific doubles or 40, 20, 10. I also do 100 darts at treble 20 daily to try improve on Maximus.

  5. Yeah getting a few low to mid eighties and quite few mid to high 70’s as well some 50’s and 60’s still sprinkled in when I lose focus

  6. Lol I love a good 6 leg with an avg of 72 in the morning and an evening 6legger with a 36avg🤣

  7. Yeah did two 1st 11 legs yesterday and scored much higher in 1st match than 2nd. Arm was not tired but focus was not as consistent

  8. Great going … 👍👍💪 however, looks like your league needs new dart boards 🤔🤨

  9. Yes this post was last season, we got new WinmauB5 after the season finished

  10. Same I found a good trick for the double three and seven, I back off the Oche by about 9-12 inches and Throw at a fat single

  11. love the doorstop shim.

  12. Yeah the bar has them behind all those boards to try and keep them tight, since they don’t have the Blade5’s with the wheel locks

  13. This is the Taverns dart board and it has seen a ton of darts

  14. I found them to be about a 3.5-4. If you like Harrows and grippy darts, I would suggest the Harrows Quantum’s. Best grip I have found from Harrow so far and a close second is the Harrows Ice Recut. Both are 90% tungsten

  15. Dartshopper in UK is where I go, also Amazon. But Darrshopper definitely has great prices, just takes a few more days to get to you from the Uk

  16. Oh me too! I have a passion for darts. Just working on my average right now, and am very close to finally having 1 set stance, grip, set of darts etc. Progress!

  17. Just wondering what’s your average? Right now I am 62 average and what do you throw? I am throwing Harrows Quantum 23g with the Winmau Stealth flight system

  18. Yuno, I just started playing darts again 4 months months ago after a couple of years off. I just got my 16th 180 (of the year) today. I always keep track and try to beat the previous year. Cool that you got your 16th of the year today also! What are the odds!

  19. Well I hadn’t left playing I got my 1st one ever in April, so I going hard at getting better as I play in 2 leagues now

  20. I feel that way the few games of practice and then the grip goes back to natural after I stop thinking about it

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