The FTC wants to ban those tough-to-cancel gym and cable subscriptions | The proposed ‘click to cancel’ rule would require companies to let you cancel a membership in as many steps as it takes to sign up.

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  1. Both a Trilobite and EMT shears are cheap and tiny to toss in luggage so I always bring both.

  2. I mostly dive a deep freshwater lake near Phoenix AZ that is used primarily as a fishing lake.

  3. It locks you out and will not provide you with minimum information to safely surface if you exceed it's built in limits.

  4. While I agree it shouldn't give up entirely it is clearly labeled as a recreational limits device and if it will do more advanced things it will be used for them.

  5. Lol, it’s really HER bathroom. We only have 2-each one about 4 sq ft. Don’t be jelly.

  6. I also lost my gear bathroom when I added a HER to the mix.

  7. Right o, hadn't come across DP as an abbreviation before (well, not in that context)

  8. It is kinda a pain in the ass but I am happy that I did DP and will keep pushing deeper with it.

  9. It will show 21 minutes. But I don’t really think your case is that big of a deal, a minute here and there isn’t enough to worry about. Heck I sometimes get a couple of minutes between my Terics simply because one hand dipped below 5 feet before the other.

  10. I often surface with others make sure all is well and then go back out and grab the dive float so I have mine set to a 10 minute end of dive wait to not record 2 dives. Once you are at the surface and actually done you can hit the button to select "end the dive" and it cuts it off there without waiting.

  11. I was diving again 2 weeks after my latest tattoo.

  12. “Someone is holding my property and requesting I meet them at a homeless encampment at 3a. Can a police officer help with this?”

  13. "A homeless guy found my phone and told me where he was and how to meet up with him but he won't bring it to somewhere nicer for me to pick up from him?

  14. You left out the 3a part to fit your narrative. Idc where it is. The fact this guy wanted to meet at 3a is insane. Sketchy af and you’re lying to yourself if you say otherwise.

  15. Willing to meet up in the middle of the night to return a found phone and demanding that 3am is the only time he is willing to give it back are totally different situations.

  16. The first year at my current job I had that and during my free time I stumbled on this gem

  17. Dippy Eggs/ Eggs in a Basket/Eggs in a Nest or whatever else you want to call cooking an egg inside a slice of bread

  18. Conservatives: You slept with a married man and that makes you a cheater!

  19. I used the rental suit I was supplied. When I mentioned it, the guy shrugged and said it's the only XL available.

  20. A nice option is to bring heat packs with you. I keep one of the green ones in my pocket while diving and if someone gets chilly pop it and stuff it down the neck of a wetsuit and things are instantly better.

  21. 5th largest metropolis in the country and growing. 46th in education. buckle up.

  22. Modern vehicles have a hollowed out chamber added to the intake tube to quiet down induction noise substantially. I personally hate that so I usually get something aftermarket. Performance +/- is a distant second.

  23. I saw a super tiny bump in performance on the dyno (376HP vs 371HP) but I like the sounds it makes.

  24. That’s still ridiculous. There’s absolutely zero reason a person needs to be in person to cancel, other than them making it purposely difficult to do so.

  25. Totally depends on my mood and environmental stuff. (39M)

  26. 1 - Find a really good fitting mask. This can mean going through dozens of them to find one that fits your face and then buy THAT ONE. Dunk your face in the water by holding your nose and pushing backwards in the water to dunk your whole head. This will help a lot but won't always eliminate the leaking and that is totally normal and okay as sometimes you will just have to clear your mask.

  27. That's my theory on why we have one of the highest insurance rates in the country...because no one's from here. In Boise, ID, probably 99% of the drivers learned to drive in Boise, but in Phoenix, everyone learned to drive in different places and then all converged on Phoenix. Pandemonium!

  28. Wait what? I lived in Boise for 25 years before moving to Tempe 17 years ago. Drivers there aren’t any better and were definitely less courteous. Over those 25 years lots of people moved in from California to Idaho.

  29. I assume there are dozens of Boise transplants like us!

  30. I guess you have a point but at least here in Phoenix people WILL FUCKING DO 55MPH UNLIKE THOSE IDIOTS ON CHINDEN!!!!!

  31. I've never heard of white BBQ sauce, and I lived in the south. It seems to me that the stuff that makes BBQ sauce BBQ sauce is dark colored. I did try some white chili once at a chili cookoff in Virginia. It wasn't my favorite.

  32. It is my preferred sauce for ribs. Not as sweet with a twang!

  33. One of the greatest uses that I have found is margaritas.

  34. Spun a bearing on my car last week and though it was just a bad lifter so I had the car towed the 4 miles to a shop.

  35. This is incorrect. Software cannot remove these imaging effects completely, particularly not for the most sensitive scientific observations (e.g.,

  36. And nobody is questioning the sheriffs office for owning that fan boat anymore!

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