1. Why is her hair down, does she WANT to capture covid in her hair and kill grandma?!?! Selfish!!!

  2. They're all puppets spewing crap that their daddy sponsors tell them to parrot off. Absolutely none of these media/ social media faces give two fucks about us; it's all about money and power. If Ben Shapiro was guaranteed a seat in government as long as he puts "(D)" after his name, he'd change his tune overnight. All mindless puppets with way too much power over the people.

  3. America’s COVID-Booster Rates Are a Bad Sign for Winter Bonuses for vaccine manufacturer CEOs

  4. Natural immunity is a beautiful thing. My question is did this NPC test for an actual reason or for funsies?

  5. Looking at the vast majority of NPCs barking on the internet and how easily influenced the masses are, we are cattle in the eyes of the government. Look how easily the world population was ushered into their homes and lined up for tests, shots, etc. Excluding a few folks who chose not to be medical experiments, this operation was relatively easy for world powers. So many people are still programmed to be scared! It is fucking sad.

  6. Yes. It most definitely matters when you need to get that dopamine rush from virtue signaling on twitter.

  7. Why do these NPCs always act like they're so brave for running to the pharmacy every time they hear the word "variant?" Being vaccinated "af" is not some renegade, badass move.

  8. So which is it: do you feel like shit because covid kills, or is it not that bad because shots?

  9. None of these "fuck America" people have spent more than 2 weeks at a time outside the US. If they even have a passport.

  10. This has got to be some large-scale social experiment on obedience and cognitive dissonance run by media. No way people are this fucking stupid.

  11. Guys, this has to be fake… I mean, first the “my body my choice”, now this?

  12. I'm really, really concerned that you don't understand checks and balances in the United States, Lindsay.

  13. Does she snort J&J's baby powder before or after this speech? Or both?

  14. So wear a fucking mask. Wear a full-body condom for all I care. Let me live my life and you go live yours in fear.

  15. They have to add that disclaimer so they don't lose funding from vaccine manufacturers, goddamn NPCs.

  16. What a brave and compassionate doctor! Leave that dying cancer patient to suffer in the ICU; palliative and proper end-of-life care isn't as profitable as an unnecessary ICU bill.

  17. YAS QUEEN PREEEEEEACH! Plague rats hate America and our Pfaithful American warriors for Fauci (IMBUH!) are Pfighting the exact same Pfight as the Ukrainans.

  18. You forgot the "safe" part, mate. Or are we erasing that as if it was never shoved down people's throats too?

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