1. Oh no, 108GB in size. Have they ever discussed any intended changes to that? We've only seen Act 1, so I have no idea how big this thing might get when it's released in its entirety.

  2. Such filthy tenants must go. With their egotistical, entitled behavior, these people are essentially stealing good apartments from other paying residents. Because the majority of people in this nation are gullible, too many people are getting screwed.

  3. For this, there are goat rental companies in the Pacific Northwest. The problem is that we have invasive Himalayan blackberries, and removing the brambles by hand is exhausting work; doing so by machine is costly, destructive, and time-consuming, and most animals won't eat the thorny vines. However, goats will. Consequently, you could pay a herd of goats to pick blackberries.

  4. Sound-encoded computer language, anyone? I wonder how long it will be before we have a modem that can handle using this "sound" to connect to distant computers.

  5. The new UI is gradually improving with compact mode for some windows, but until every window can get rid of the excessive amounts of wasted space, I'll stick with the current one.

  6. I'm pretty sure there have been complaints about these guys in this sub. It appeared that they were going after recent immigrants who would have less support to defend themselves or know less about their rights. I'm glad they're facing charges and I hope all the victims sign on to the lawsuit. It was a brilliant idea to keep the stolen goods at the corporate headquarters, lol.

  7. I'm fine as long as The Rock doesn't appear and starts promoting his brand-new energy drink.

  8. On YouTube, there is a man named Man and River who performs this activity. He snorkels in well-known river spots and finds items while looking for their owners.

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