1. I’m not ready for Haniger’s villain arc to begin

  2. Kyle Lewis shouldn’t be considered an OF anymore. His knees are so bad he’s useless in the field. He’s 100% DH only at this point

  3. Going from a reliever, to starting 29 games the next season and throwing 15 complete games, and then going back to a reliever the next season may be one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in awhile

  4. It's the 2023 All-star game. Julio Rodriguez goes yard, and the crowd goes wild. Unbeknownst to fans, the ball hits a golden bucket. Julio rounds the bases, finally reaching home plate. Suddenly, the stadium goes dark, and the crowd goes quiet

  5. With a name like Sluttymcbuttsex, you’re required to be ready for everything

  6. Winker will be released or traded at some point before the season

  7. No disrespect to Wood at all lol, he was absolutely electric. I guess for me .5 fWAR, while it may not seem like a huge number, is still significant enough to not really consider it close. It doesn’t mean Wood’s rookie season was less memorable, it just means Strider’s was that much more ridiculous

  8. This was a wild ride of a comment to wake up to. Unfortunately I think your oddly thought out shots at my character missed the mark. The article is about Spencer strider, not Darvish or Wood. The part that was quoted was the only mention of Darvish in the entire article and it was to say his 4.7 fWAR was the closest to Strider’s since Nomo. Thats not cherry picked, that’s a fact. Again, the article is about Strider if you couldn’t tell by the title. I think you were trying to be a Reddit funny guy but missed the mark

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