1. Coastal Carolina vs Liberty is another really good G5 one that doesn't get scheduled enough,

  2. I had no idea Coastal and Liberty were rivals

  3. Sam Hartman not even on the list is bullshit imo

  4. I don't understand the top comment in this thread about DJ winning the heisman. He's not even the best quarterback in his DIVISION, let alone the ACC and country as a whole. He won't even be invited. Bizarre

  5. Is it crazy to say Bacot? I’d listen to arguments for Justin Jackson, Marcus Paige and maybe Joel Berry.

  6. Marcus Paige came to mind immediately for me. I love Bacot but he isn't even our best big of the past decade imo let alone best overall player.

  7. Among recent Carolina bigs I don’t know how Brice Johnson wasn’t mentioned. Easily the Carolina player I’ve been most scared of going up against in the last decade.

  8. As far as bigs go I was thinking John Henson tbh. Not as much of a scoring threat as Bacot and Johnson were but his presence on defense more than made up for the difference. He also brought a certain swag and energy to the team

  9. UNC does "Live Action with Carolina Basketball" which is the new name for "Late Night with Roy".

  10. Really excited for this week's games actually. Neither NCSU or FSU can afford to take another Atlantic loss and reasonably be able to make it to Charlotte especially with Clemson looking better each week. I really don't see 2 ACC losses on the schedule for Clemson if they even drop one at all.

  11. Damn I figured he would've Googled it at least before making that statement... Tough look.

  12. I'm not defending our SoS but this whole conversation is weird. Hartman over Maye is a perfectly fine and defensible opinion to have but to act like Maye isn't a good quarterback because our schedule isn't tough makes me think they haven't watched any UNC games.

  13. Current results of the match-up thread "Who will Win" poll:

  14. This is way too much confidence in UNC lol

  15. Combining NCSU with either Wake Forest or UNC would make a pretty formidable squad

  16. What if we combine our offense and Wake's offense!

  17. Both QBs will throw for 500 yards per game

  18. No. It would be like Joe Lunardi wearing an burnt orange tie to interview Chris Beard. It just rubs me the wrong way. Perhaps the youths have decided it's no big deal to coordinate their outfit to show favor for their interview subjects.

  19. The thing is that Tipton isn't a Duke UNC grad. He's a journalist for an independent news organization, On3. This is like fawning over your news subject. I'd have the same issue if this happened with any other team. It's just very obvious from his entire outfit that he planned to wear this. I don't know, I must be old and the times are changing.

  20. I think you're just taking it too seriously. He's not an investigative journalist

  21. Kinda messed up, but we only had one drafted player while he was here so... technically correct that we didn't have players

  22. They went pro in something other than sports

  23. Sounds like he’s back to his old habits again ❄️❄️❄️

  24. I'm not sure, but the Dean vs Roy discussions are always pretty intriguing

  25. Can't be right. I think roughly 180,000,000 sets of eyes were on ku. Isu would get roughly idk 20000 of these. That would be mildly exaggerated but point is splitting 50/50 isn't a great way to do this. Doesn't take into account the teams that are the most fun to watch or are big stories at the moment that draw the most eyes from fans of different teams who just wanna see this or that team play

  26. Just ignoring these insane numbers you've pulled from your ass here, I think you're overestimating how much the general population cares about Kansas football outside of this sub memeing about it

  27. Hang on, I think this guy is wrong but how are we not lol. FSU on the road? Wake has already proven they're better. Miami at home? C'mon, we're better than Miami. Maybe Syracuse on the road bumps one of us down

  28. I assume at least one is SCar from their perspective.

  29. You’d be scared too if you couldn’t even go up against St Peters without being outcoached.

  30. Lol just curious, what's Cal gonna have to do to get Kentucky fans off his ass like this? Another Elite 8? Final Four?

  31. Georgia Tech just beat Pitt, defending ACC Champs. And OM blanked them 42-0

  32. Not sure what that has to do with my comment at all. Are we supposed to be impressed with beating Georgia Tech now? That's what an SEC team would say tbh

  33. I was just point out that our schedule may not have been quite as weak as people are making it sound. Also not convinced Syracuse brats Kentucky. As another user pointed out, it's also about where you finish last season and Syracuse hasn't been good in years.

  34. Yeah I agree with all that and I'm not saying I'm against Ole Miss being in the top 10 in general. Thinking on it more it's actually more just poll inertia than SEC bias working here. I also don't think Cuse is gonna remain in the top 25 for all that long with their schedule

  35. Man always loved and respected Kansas. Never understood why some of our fans hated that, it shows he is a loyal person

  36. The only time I remember fans being upset about Roy loving KU was when we were routed in 2008 and two days later he was wearing a KU sticker in the final. I'm not gonna lie that didn't sit well with me at the time with the loss being so fresh, but I quickly got over it and realized it was silly to be so annoyed by it.

  37. Honestly UNC might still be the best team in the Coastal. Which is ridiculous.

  38. If our defense just becomes serviceable we're a good team. That just seems to be an insurmountable if lol

  39. It makes me smile, in a sick twisted sort of way. Idk how we all endure this every year.

  40. Because every year there is hope. There is no Clemson or FSU mountain to climb. We all have a chance lol

  41. I was in 3rd grade and definitely didn't understand the significance of what had happened but I was still terrified of planes passing overhead for years even if I was nowhere near any buildings or anything

  42. It's one of those guys and it's not close imo

  43. Syracuse and Georgia Tech play in the ACCCG

  44. They also got to play a NY6 against UNC because 2 ACC teams were in the playoffs and then our entire offense sans Howell didn't play in the game smh

  45. Some of us knew it was coming and still couldn't do fucking anything about it. Source: check flair

  46. Miami is favored over UNC and I feel like that shouldn’t be.

  47. ESPN has Miami -4.5 at least at the moment. Kinda think it should be at least -7. Our defense held VT to 10 but they might actually be the worst team in the ACC so I'm not getting too confident based on that

  48. Yes who gives a shit where he goes just somebody please take him

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