1. sizes of scrapper and shellie? :)) i do already have the walmart versions 🫶

  2. Idk, it’s ugly but I like it. she’s looking at camp right in the eye

  3. It looks to me like a classic “club kid” look. Ru IS the club kid. Come on you guys lol

  4. can i pm trades for nessie? i dont have your isos but i can send what i do have!

  5. https://www.kerrang.com/culture-abuse-split-up-following-sexual-misconduct-allegations-against-frontman-david-kelling/

  6. This was the most pathetic excuse for “accountability” Id ever seen when he wrote his apology lol. What a turd.

  7. Im aware. I could see how it could be hard turning down a benefit during the holidays. There could be a middle ground pretty easily.

  8. Idc what they are. I'm happy they are being brought up still in 2022. I FUCKING love the blood brothers.

  9. Should you all flood their ig and demand another reunion or nahhh

  10. Hi there is black belly emily still available!?:)

  11. Hi! Yes she is, but she is the one with the sparkly ears and wings!


  13. Damn how is there not a hardcore band called Revenge y’all?

  14. Surprise surpise jen is throwing things and screaming and somehow the victim again 🙄

  15. This is all true however most companies have generic code/sku for this situation. At my company it’s called “dummy” and then you can override it’s price to match what it should have been originally.

  16. I believe my og bart is 5” interested in emily in pumpkin!

  17. Because she doesn’t like it. I don’t care for it either especially after hearing about it’s origins.

  18. What are the origins. I think thats the whole point if this post lol

  19. It’s a play on Jon Benet Ramsey, a literal child who was murdered in the 90s.

  20. Fuck really. That’s not even shock value thats just gross

  21. Incoming boot lickers prepared to defend tobys rights to lick boots😤😤😤

  22. This sub continues to be the least punk thing about punk....

  23. Well, it has to do with me knowing if he wore a mask at the show or not, which is why I keep asking but no one will give me an answer.

  24. so you are, in fact, just a massive cunt. got it.

  25. Same white guy who think’s he’s the victim racism in America lol checks out

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