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  1. Maybe they all run away to UK where BSG is and recruit tons of new fancy pants devs and the game is fully released, stable, balanced, and fleshed out by 2024.

  2. BSG isn’t in UK they are a Russian company. Just the subsidiary that sells you the game is suited in London UK. Because Banks and Payments are easier to fulfill from there. And maybe also taxes. But BSG the Studio is a Russian company.

  3. You call these days good damn I didnt know it takes just a year for people to put their pink glasses on and ignore all the major faults that wipe had and that one really had many. -2 weeks into the wipe it was unplayable with anything but top gear due to sweatlords farming new raiders on reserve and every other player was running end game stuff at level 10 -Any other gun than m4/hk meant you will get dumpstered one way of another due to their versatility -Due to mentioned end game gear sweats other half of the lobbies were nakeds running to gpu spawns or marked rooms which made lobbies even worse because you either face a full gear guy or noone cuz they were already dead And thats just some things that first came to my mind, and I can guarantee there was much more. Actual glory days were the days with just no flea and not that much media recognition so there wasnt a damn tierlist and guide for everything two days into new addition/patch/change. Now no matter what they do what they change people will follow others inventions 1;1 due to how big game become and because theres flea there are always some problems with it in one way or another.

  4. I played during those times too. But I must say the addition of the flea was great. At least for barter items and keys. That made it less frustrating to quest because I wasn’t stuck at some resort quests because I couldn’t find the key for weeks and no one would open the door for me.

  5. I don’t understand your problem. The Sheriffs badge belongs to the AKs. There are 4 ranks of master guardian with the Shreiff the highest.

  6. I am not 50 but just 43 and I have played my fair share of FPS back in the day beginning with CS beta, some battlefields and CoDs in between.

  7. Traefik. I use it for couple years now after leaving nginx for most parts behind. I Switches because back then docker discovery with nginx was only possible with nginx plus and also Auto renew for Let‘s encrypt was more of a DIY when not using nginx plus. I belive that changed with nginx proxy manager but not sure.

  8. It’s always worth. Now even better than start of wipe. Now is the time for you to learn the basics like maps, movement and combat decisions. So then when wipe hits you can concentrate on quests and leveling.

  9. Yeah. It’s a bummer and I was going to get it this year again to have a newer version. But I guess not.

  10. I thought Iran is completely on a Intranet now just like North Korea. I read in

  11. Or XCP-NG. Why sleep on this great Hypervisor?

  12. Because it chooses boneheaded defaults. (2 HD the same size? You want an LVM of them at the added capacity. Mirror? What is that?)

  13. Not sure when you used it the last time. But I run 2 harddrives in a Mirror but I run primarily remote storage anyways. What company? This is

  14. Mattermost, but consider that if your the outlier you’ll have to get everyone else to change.

  15. +1 for mattermost used it in the company I worked in before and never let us down

  16. I‘m only missing AHF1-M for samples all other I found in resort or spawned in with my Scav. Once I had a Scav with 4 stims. 3 for samples. Never had this quest this far before.

  17. When the war started, it was made clear that battle states main headquarters is London uk

  18. Doesn’t change the fact that the offices where the devs sit are in St. Petersburg and that’s in Russia when I last checked. Also almost all if not all employees at that office are in possession of the Russian citizenship. Which in turn means they may be drafted.

  19. Would be interesting how XCP-NG would compare on the same hardware.

  20. Do it like me and play on American servers. And you meet people from Europe all over the place.

  21. podman is basically the same as docker. Both use the OCI standard for container images so basically the same images run in both and both have nearly the same cli options. podman is meant as a drop in replacement for docker. Only things not working with podman as far as I know is docker swarm doesn’t exist. And maybe the buildx command but not sure about that.

  22. Yeah. Remember the bug on interchange when Scav were spawning like crazy and you didn’t even had time to loot because they spawned every minute basically. We begged BSG to not fix it as it was fun and made the map more interesting. I think they broked(fixed) it and now you barely see scavs at Idea. It was fun to do Decontamination actually. I killed liked 30 or 40 scavs in one raid back then. And had to restock on Scav guns because I ran out of ammo. Died finally on exhaustion.

  23. Do you not get bored camping tho? Like all you do is sit in place for up to mins. surely it cant be fun

  24. You can read a book or watch YouTube videos or Twitch streams while on guard defending an extract.

  25. OP speaks about defending extract. I don’t care how it’s called.

  26. I have no problems playing Tarkov casually for 2 to 3 hours on Saturday and sundays only. Ok maybe a Scav run here and there during the week when I can find 10 or 15 minutes to scratch the itch. But I don’t feel it’s that hard to ply it casually.

  27. I had a pretty funny experience of the last guy I killed in a night and the first guy the next day being the same person. Both on customs. Never ran into another player more than once but the one time I do it's last and first raids. Guess we were on the same schedule.

  28. I had it twice that I killed the same person multiple times. Once it was first on a Scav run and the next raid as PMC.

  29. But did you push me when I threw the nade. No gave me time to heal up or reposition my teams mates. Nades have more use than just kill.

  30. Everyone in my home gets DNS config via DHCP. Guests are on a separate VLAN with access to my PiHole servers. If they decide to set their own DNS it’s their choice I can’t stop them.

  31. Even family members can change their dns an bypass any protection or content filtering. This is not the way? You need to ensure the DNS queries are going to your servers and make sure you are protecting your network

  32. You assume family know how to do that. If you reached your family that you made a mistake. And when I can’t trust my family anymore I have a bigger problem. And most of my family don’t care about doing anything IT. They have me for that.

  33. Then you loose all games unless you download them and they have an offline functionality.

  34. Yes. Because AAA won’t ever make a detailed and borked game like Tarkov.

  35. Reshala and Sanitar I personally find pretty easy when you get the first glimpse at them and then play it out the right way. I mostly die because I do a mistake. Mostly in assuming I got them all but actually didn’t.

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