1. Several beverages and the doggy bag from last nights dinner

  2. I feel those responding are part of a brotherhood. What we do without the Alleve, Indomethecin, Chlochris, and Tart Cherry Juice?

  3. The rejection of God and continued destruction of the family.

  4. Proving there is a God isn’t the way it works but the Earth, Moon, and stars, everything upon the face of the earth, all the planets which move in their regular form all do witness that there is a supreme creator.

  5. You can't always get what you want by the rolling stones

  6. I worked in a theatre cleaning for 10 years. It’s like that with every kid movie. Also those push mop brooms are life savers

  7. That looks suspiciously like Utah valley

  8. The Holy Trinity of my childhood crushes were Princess Sorsha from Willow, Andie from The Goonies and Maggie from Last Starfighter. If Wynona Ryder from Edward Scissorhands wanted to crash the party, I would have no objections.

  9. Now to be the unpaid family/friends personal hair dresses

  10. I could see 4 having some merit, but I don't know why they picked Alabama as the lone state. There were 8 states with a higher margin of victory for Trump vs Biden in 2020. Is there polling data on preferred candidates or something?

  11. Has a sitting president ever been primaried or would the DNC kindly ask him to not run before it even reaching that point?

  12. Thanks! I’m up and walking, but that doesn’t seem to help much.

  13. I think the first is a lie, we talking about the display in the basement of the visitors center at temple square?

  14. That one is actually True. It was years ago, in the basement. He climbed over the railing to poke Nephi in the eye. Saw the gold plates, stuffed them in his shirt and then later under the carpet of our van. My parents found out roughly 2 hours into the drive home just past Richfield. He had to write a nice letter to sister missionaries and send them back.

  15. Lol that’s awesome. Also sounds like a good elders Quorem story.

  16. I beg to differ. Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago

  17. What?!! Friends go ice skating to Endless Love in the dark?!

  18. I like how the guy doesn't even acknowledge it

  19. without giving away spoilers I noticed they made a Don't Breathe sequel. Worth a watch?

  20. I believe if you kill a pregnant woman you can be charged with 2 counts of homicide. That certainly existed in at least some states before last week.

  21. I'd like to play a game of how many can I eat before I get sick

  22. I would totally play that game but then I think of all the yummy tart cherry jelly I get to make.

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