The End Of Innocence (侘寂), Lazaro (me), Digital, 2022

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  1. Did you make your own resin mold? Or buy one from somewhere?

  2. He can drive a Lambo is Calgary year round too, just might have to be the SUV model, but non the less, Huby can Lambo in YYC all he wants.

  3. Doesn’t even need to be an SUV, I think most Lambos have AWD

  4. Earls. Used to be okay, but I was surprised by the poor service and food quality recently.

  5. And they removed the chilli chicken from their menu. Also the fig & Brie chicken sandwich. That’s unforgivable if you ask me.

  6. Yeah it’s just pub food, but I wouldn’t say they do a bad job at making it. They’re a very successful pub.

  7. I played 140 hours of cyberpunk on my Series X and had barely any issues at all. It’s an incredible game in my opinion.

  8. Yeah… this thread is gonna be a hard no for me, dawg.

  9. Boston. Dad has always been a die hard Bobby Orr fan, so I grew up watching bruins games. Watching them beat Vancouver in 2011 was an amazing feeling.

  10. Honestly Nick Paul and Mark Girodano both look a lot like Mr.Bean

  11. I actually just ordered myself a Lucic Flames jersey the other night

  12. Hell yeah dude that’s awesome! I’m a Flames and Bruins fan that lives in Calgary. Looch is an icon in this city and everybody loves him here.

  13. I wanna see another OT game tonight with Makar ripping home the game winner for the cup

  14. Just played a blue disc Chamber of Secrets on my PS2. The game played fine, but the PS2 was substantially louder while reading the disc

  15. No it's about 15% that, and the other 85% is the status symbol which doesn't say about them what they think it says...

  16. Or maybe people buy them simply because they enjoy the product?

  17. Clearly not, given that "prestige" pricing on standard products is their entire marketing strategy.

  18. I buy their products because I like them and they work for me. I do video editing and music production work and I’ve always liked their operating systems. Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are both awesome in my opinion. I honestly don’t care about buying it for “prestige”, I’m buying it because I genuinely like the product. Same thing with AirPods. when I was working landscaping the noise canceling on them worked incredibly at blocking out the sound of mowers and power tools, so in my opinion they were worth every penny. I don’t really feel like majority of people care about this status symbol you’re speaking of. I think most people just earn their own money and spend it how they want.

  19. Tony Romo did this a few years back at the Pebble Beach Pro-am:

  20. Witcher 3 is definitely CDPRs masterpiece, but Cyberpunk is incredible. They messed up the release pretty badly which is a shame, but anybody who hasn’t played it should definitely hop on the opportunity to buy it since it will basically always be half price. The atmosphere and graphics are truly amazing.

  21. Let’s hope it looks nothing like that one lol

  22. Why is it called a hot dog? It’s not made out of a dog…

  23. I feel like there’s definitely some countries where they are lol

  24. That was a fucking brutal giveaway behind the net

  25. that isnt a huge pike. that is a smaller pike. i bet it is even under 55cm

  26. 55cm is considered a small pike? Jeez, I can imagine a big one would put up one hell of a fight then when trying to reel it in.

  27. Vasilevsky smokes cheetos out of a bong

  28. Tampa fans literally look like a simulation. It’s like they’re all programmed by fuckin EA Sports or something.

  29. The Cleeks GC logo is actually pretty dope tho

  30. Yep. I’m a golfer, mountain biker, guitar player, and a video game collector. I’m basically broke 24/7 lol.

  31. It’s arguably a lot more lame that this is how you choose to spend your time lol.

  32. That comparison makes no sense. Anyone who died from the vaccine chose to take it themselves, they weren’t forced to take it. I don’t think you can say the same thing for any of those mass shooting victims. I highly doubt any of those people woke up in the morning and signed up to be shot in the head.

  33. Well Smith was playing out of his mind there for a while, but it couldn’t last forever with that pressure from the Avs.

  34. Kane looking like a Rock’em Sock’em robot out there

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