1. hi.. does your LCD for speed and shifts inside car works... please for info???

  2. Yeah, it's not working:cry:. However I have a non evo version that works and it's very good:

  3. What about the physic and the quality of it?

  4. I will probably share it this evening

  5. Lol I don't think I'll be able to see the difference between the game and real life

  6. Is it the Peugeot gr.3 from GT Sport? Btw, looks very good!

  7. Exquisite pure. Someone tweaked it to achieve this look.

  8. Any chance you could drop a google drive link to your tweaked version?

  9. I can't, but I can give you the discord where I downloaded it. Just search for engineergaming. Check your dm

  10. What PP -Filter are you using? The recent photos you've been posting are all so nice! Keep it up bro!

  11. Mainly A3PP, Exquisite and NFS 2015 modified by Amatertu. Apart from these, I use this pack a lot:

  12. Sometimes Usually a slow car is more fun to drive than a faster one.

  13. Yeah, it's the TC legends pack

  14. https://thracing.de/touring-car-legends/

  15. Looks awesome but doesn’t look real. To much contrast and not enough natural light. I downloaded your photo and threw a couple filters from iPhone, hope you don’t mind. If you do I will delete.

  16. It's ok. I will upload a better version of it (not compressed).

  17. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Awesome!

  18. Just found the fix! You just need to make sure that the HDR fix threshold and HDR fix exposure are set to 0 in nice screenshots settings.

  19. Not sure if this is related, but I just fixed some DOF issues by switching from YEBIS DOF to Accumulation DOF in Nice Screenshots settings.

  20. It didn't fix it but, while doing that, I changed some settings and noticed that the bug was related to resolution multiplier in nice screenshot settings. It's a bit sad considering that this settings was very useful for having great pics with high resolution.

  21. NFS 2015 and all graphics settings from

  22. The problem was the car, I tried a different one and the wheels of this one are ok.

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