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  1. Im just here for the inevitable comments on the carpet

  2. Side note: if you like the sherry bomb that is a’bunadh, another good one to try (albeit much cheaper) is Glenfarclas 10

  3. Any other “sherry bombs” as they’re called? I just opened a bottle of Nadurra first fill which I believe fits the bill but I want to know of any others, there’s also 105 but that’s getting quite expensive for what it is like Abunadh

  4. Starward make a great one.

  5. Which whisky is it? Because it completely depends

  6. Ok, I don’t know this distillery specifically but a few things to consider.

  7. Love khruangbhin saw them twice this year actually! My favourite song is Friday Morning what’s yours?

  8. Has to be Texas Sun! We saw them at Glastonbury on The Park stage and then were surprised with them again by Leon Bridges on Westholts. Sooo good!

  9. Ah amazing that’s excellent glad you saw them a good couple times! Leon bridges is up on my list too that would be great

  10. Huh didn’t know that, I believe he grew up in Bournemouth though, he went to my school

  11. Maybe they’ll really piss the fans off and give us Shadow of War sexy Shelob.

  12. I’ve got solid wood flooring, and honestly, after the initial shock of seeing a few scratches on brand new flooring that will be upsetting, you soon get over it and come to accept that it’s part of the aesthetic of wood floor and come to love it.

  13. Oh also Ardbeg 10 is another in my radar at 37.99

  14. Ardbeg would be my first choice, or the Dalwhinnie. I prefer Glenlivet 18 over the 15. Not a fan of Jura. Aberlour is decent too.

  15. I’m leaning towards ardbeg and actually, might get the “monsters of smoke” gift set as it’s on offer for £32 and you get 20cl bottles of wee beastie, 10 and An Oa so 60cl of 3 different expressions for cheaper than the cost of 1 bottle

  16. Hahaha I mean yes. But Ana is almost definitely the significantly more famous of the two so that’s why I see it that way

  17. The servers are down stopping millions from logging in and bonds just hit 78mil 🦀 🦀 🦀

  18. Haha Is that moment with the flashlights you losing a piece?

  19. The tag doesn't affect the taste if that's your question. However one 10 year batch to another can taste different, irrelevant of the design on the bottle. Check the type of casks it was aged in to see how much the taste would be different. Even better... Try them!

  20. Haha no don’t worry I wasn’t asking whether the label changed the flavour, I just know that one bottle to another from different years will be similar but never exactly the same due to many factors, and that generally whiskies of the same age and expression made decades earlier are often considered better due to demand in recent years having massively Increased production and thus often quality can slip.

  21. Bournemouth / Poole / Christchurch ticks your every box I can explain in more detail if you want

  22. He doesn’t do it for fun. He does it to raise awareness about abortion. He’s called the pro-life Spider-Man. This was posted yesterday on a different sub and the comment section is the only reason I know that

  23. So he risks his life… because he’s pro life…. Ok

  24. Are these your only choices? Just seems super average and a lot of much better options out there

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