Ukrainian women who were raped by Russians and left to Poland cannot have abortions there. Under Polish law, abortion is allowed in case of rape, but there is no criminal case yet Psychologists in Poland are convincing her that a new life is wonderful. They destroys lives of both

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  1. I live in Korea and had quite a few surgeries here. You wouldn’t need a translator for everyday life but it is a good idea to have one in the hospital with you.i speak fluent Korean so I don’t have any experience with this , except that some larger hospitals do have their own translators.

  2. Who was your doctor? It turns out well. I think I might to consider it to cover up a scar on my eyebrow and fix one eyebrow to match the other.

  3. This is so amazing because I was just scrolling for brow transplant results here on Reddit after having mine done last month at the black hair clinic in Seoul, also with Dr. shin! I was really impressed with the angles he put the hairs in, i just hope they grow back the way he inserted them. I am looking for tips on training and grooming the hairs. I’m at the stage where theyre half way fallen out. Are you still happy with the results?

  4. Yes I’m very happy! I never had any fall out, I’m generally not prone to shock hair loss. I do need to trim them they grow very long. But that’s absolutely worth the awesome eyebrows :)

  5. А можно видео Каца вышеупомянутое? Нужно попробовать вылечить фашизм головного мозга

  6. Amazing results. Do you feel nerv damage somewhere?

  7. Thank you. No not at all. At this point all the numbness is gone.

  8. Путин 24го Февраля сделал ошибку, решив публично проверить «на деле» силу своей армии. Теперь он публично проверит «на деле» правдивость всех этих липовых соц-опросов. 🤣

  9. Wow thank you very much! Lots of great options!

  10. Похоже на сюжет из Монти Пайсон

  11. « Gender roles » should be done away with. People - men, women, NB folks - should all live as they are happiest and most comfortable.

  12. “Football Club Moria”/“Gala is a prostitute”/“Rohan is a toilet”/“Orcs, where you at?”/“Elves, go home!”/“Gandalf is a b*tch”/“an eye for an eye”(sauron reference?)/“Gala is stupid”(not sure who Gala is keeps coming up!)/“Goblin rules!” edit: Gala is probably short for Galadriel

  13. Aborcyjny Dream (@aborcyjnydream on Instagram) has created a resource for Ukrainians in need.

  14. By the way, the guy standing behind Lukashenko is the one who recently said, in response to the feminine hygiene product shortage, that women won’t need those products if they just “exercised and breathed fresh air”.

  15. That's something I've thought a lot about, I hope these women have safe access to abortions if they choose

  16. In Poland, where a lot of refugees are going, this is actually a big problem. Many doctors are going against the law to provide abortion services to women. Strajk Kobiet and Aborcyjnydream are NGOs that are helping with that in Poland - support them if you can!

  17. A response to R. Frost’s “the road not taken”, I assume?

  18. It definitely looks like there is a polly beak deformity, especially as you say you wanted your nose to be more upturned after surgery. It is also not normal to have the inflammatory processes you describe a year out from surgery. It seems that there may have been an over - reduction of the bridge together with scar tissue in the tip - it looks like you have thick skin, and this is a risk with thick-skin rhinoplasty. The breathing issues may have to do with this inflammation but may also be due to structural problems caused by your surgeon.

  19. He has given me about 5 rounds of steroid shots in the course of a year. But it seems like my nose has gotten worse over time.

  20. So the surgeon told you it was normal despite the fact that the steroid shots were ineffective? Definitely 🚩 🚩 🚩! I would definitely consider finding another surgeon that specializes in revision. I remember watching

  21. Non surgical rhinoplasty is a waste of money for most people. It’s an additive procedure. It can benefit people who want a higher bridge or have small irregularities but that’s about it. Also, fillers around the nose carry a very high risk for vascular occlusion and blindness.

  22. I had a thread lift along with fat transfer and they were putting the threads in after they’d finished the fat transfer. For the fat transfer I was under twilight anaesthesia and remember nothing but when they started putting in the threads the anaesthetic was wearing off and it hurt a lot, I remember I was crying. I don’t have a vivid recollection of the actual pain but I remember hearing myself crying and sobbing >.<

  23. This was delightful to read. I enjoyed the cliff hanger ending and the playfulness of the exclamation. I also liked the contrast between this playful tone, the light hearted rhythm and the hints at more serious undertones of judgment, social anxiety and, perhaps, financial trouble? The only criticism I have is a little one - my heart longed for a full stop after “sunshine”!

  24. Is the format meant to be continuous? I think having breaks may be helpful, unless it’s meant to be continuous to convey a sense of chaos?

  25. The medals are cheap trinkets made out of old Soviet coins, bottle caps and gift ribbon. Meaningless reminders of military incompetence, mindless service to a tyrant and war crimes wherever they end up. May Dvornikov continue the going rate for his peers and find a cheap pine box alongside his new wards of the state.

  26. Agree. The awards in Russia have little meaning. For example, Shoigu, minister of terrorism defense never served a day in the army. His awards include “award for outstanding achievements in census duties” and medals given for his birthday. The whole military is built on nepotism, violence and pretence.

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