1. How about starting/ending Philippines or Bali and move in one direction. Since you're looking to start in September then Bali is probably a better start.

  2. Hi, thanks for the suggestion! The thing is that I have already booked my flight to Bangkok so I need to start there! I like the idea of moving in one direction!

  3. Sorry I can't be more specific, but try and research different seasons in SE Asia. We were there during monsoon season, and whilst we still had a great time the rain could get a bit miserable some days (and ponchos get very stinky in the heat!). We also couldn't go to any Islands in Thailand because the boats don't run all year round.

  4. Thanks you for this advice I hadnt thought to plan my route around the Monsoon season, appreciate it!

  5. if you have your back to goal - do an lb and a pass that will do a give and go - or do a scoop turn

  6. I use a body feint then a drag back straight after. Usually gets me the space I need.

  7. Can you please tell me how to do this? cheers, on PS4 btw!

  8. The app is horrible, and its not on TV in Europe because they didnt make a deal with Sky. It on BBC at 11pm tonight, but only for an hour.

  9. If your'e in Europe and want to watch it you can watch it on the Red Button on BBC.

  10. RMT please - this is (hopefully) my final draft!

  11. Thanks for the advice concerning the defence, I am going to do this. Who do you think between bertrand and Cedric?

  12. I have Alonso. Other Chelsea defenders might be better value for the price but to me, he's a midfielder who can get clean sheets. He can work.

  13. Thanks. What's your opinion on the rest of the team?

  14. Thanks Goblin but unfortunately I can't afford that. I'm asking here as I'm unable to find anything through a Google search

  15. Use the link from gcronin to register like normal.

  16. Can you please confirm if you can register now if you haven't registered already? My mates haven't yet registered but want to try and get tickets in the re-sale, thanks

  17. Can you please confirm if you can register now if you haven't registered already? My mates haven't yet registered but want to try and get tickets in the re-sale, thanks

  18. This program is not recommended at all by anyone worth mentioning so I'm not sure what answer you're looking for.

  19. Can you please give a reason for this or suggest an alternative? It seems highly rated on this sub.

  20. I've been having good results on a pretty significant cut. 1kish a day. I sometimes miss the last rep on volume days but the progress is coming along nicely and I feel more accomplished than I did running SL.

  21. Thanks this is quite encouraging, did you see any increase in your lift numbers over the program?

  22. You can get professionally fitted for far less than L500 and you may find that you need completely standard club lengths, loft/lie, and shafts - all of which might be able to be purchased after the fitting second-hand.

  23. Thanks. Although the fitter said it is not possible to get fully custom fitted for anything other than the new models that are out as the manufactuers no longer stock the heads etc of models that are a few years old?

  24. With a proper fitting, no sales pitch involved, you should be able to take the measurements anywhere and buy clubs that fit your swing.

  25. thanks, do you think that for my level of play there would be much difference in current new clubs vs clubs from a few years back (e.g. taylormade rocketballz vs new ping G irons?

  26. It's terrible... worked great for a week but it stops working and won't sync. If you look at the reviews on amazon It's the same problem for everyone. I returned it and now have the skypro and it works great even better for putting.

  27. can you elaborate on what you mean by 'stops working'? thanks

  28. Thanks, it looks to be a decent piece of kit!

  29. Sidebar... our sub can't be this congested with "is this a good board for a beginner". The sidebar will answer all your questions about life

  30. I appreciate the reply, and I do not want to spam the sub, I was more concerned regarding the quality of the brand as I know little regarding surfboard brands? Thanks

  31. There's a shit ton of track jackets on etsy . And man I love track jackets . To me there's nothing better than a classic black and white adidas superstar tracksuit . I wear that a lot .

  32. thanks, any ideas for the one in the picture?

  33. Your are just 24kg away.. i have very similar stats to you but my bench is 113kg. So close i can taste it

  34. That's inspiring, how did you get your bench to 113kg , I also struggle with the fact I don't have a regular training partner for a spot

  35. Already said, but 1-4-5 - in B, that's B, E and F#

  36. what is the best way to play the E and F sharp if I am playing the B chords as an E shape bar chord at the 7th fret on the low E string?

  37. From butterfly you can shoot under your opponent straight to SLX.

  38. Can you please elaborate on this or give a tutorial link? thanks

  39. Transition to half butterfly, from there it's just a simple hook lift away.

  40. thanks, have you got any good tutorials on this?

  41. Weren't you a whitebelt 8h ago? Congrats on your promotion!

  42. Thanks man for the replies! I got the DVD but as you say it is quite advanced, Gonna try and drill some of it anyway.

  43. I worked my way through the DVD a few months ago. More or less it's a slightly inverted version of the pendulum sweep position. It didn't fit my style too well but it's definitely an interesting position/system.

  44. Cool, I see the main attacks from the position are armbars, is there any sweeps etc also?

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