1. Pulling a realistic gun is just a way of displaying a visceral reaction on Popstar.

  2. ah of course how foolish of me I forgot I do aplogise

  3. If I am playing with 8 sims one couple is gay, one is lesbian

  4. I' sorry i suck at writing. It's parasite, i was writing in a rush. Thanks for pointing that out.

  5. It took me longer than it should have to notice the pizzas

  6. Jack Black as Bowser is as good as you think it is. Also, Chris Pratt isn't as bad as you think.

  7. Just finished an argument with them. Tried explaining 10 minutes is nothing. Didn't work. What can ya do?

  8. Oh, I HATE Howard. Mfer has the loudest noise ever and ugh.

  9. You put Godot and Lang in the top tier. Truly, you are a person of good taste.

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