1. phones are a disease on the dancefloor

  2. Yeah it seems like it could easily just be distracting and take away from the vibe.

  3. This is my thought too. He seems very planned out and very much wants everyone to experience a musical journey together. I think that's a big reason he doesn't talk at all either.

  4. Surprised nobody has mentioned We Are Your Friends with Zac Efron. Arguably one of the best movies about dance music culture ever created...

  5. I am so happy they released this, this was my favorite remix of their set.

  6. There is no campsite at this particular spot but there are 2 campsites on the east shore of mirror lake which are very close by. They seemed like the best spots but it was first come first serve and they were already filled.

  7. “Dumpy’s a fuckin unit mate, jezzus chrrist”

  8. I really didn't think Lane 8 could top his Proper NYE set but Daniel always finds a way to be so fkn amazing with all them new IDs!! 🤯

  9. Finally Daniel made it, now I can stop checking this post everyday.

  10. He kinda gatekeeps himself with the TNH concept.

  11. One of a couple ID’s from last night. Absolute heater

  12. Crying cause I couldn’t make it to Miami this weekend. Looks freaking amazing!!

  13. Well you always have one of the Summer Gatherings this summer!

  14. For real, when I heard this at Red Rocks it took me to a different place.

  15. I am 6’10 and I try to get to an event as early as possible and just hold down a spot if I will be up front. I know I am making people upset but I got tired of hiding in the back or standing in front of a pole.

  16. What does everyone do for footwear? Is it mostly sand will be standing on next to the stages? Trying to decide between sandals and sneakers.

  17. I’m thinking it’s going to be a mix between sand and grass. I’ve got a pair of vans shit kickers that I’m going to wear, don’t want people stepping on my toes.

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