1. Oxi clean soak overnight if it’s really bad. Most stains I just use Spray N Wash and then wash on cold with Kirkland or All Free & Clear detergent.

  2. I’m looking into getting a low stool/ottoman for floor time because it’s hard getting up and down from the floor for my parents, my in-laws and now that I’m pregnant again, it’s hard for me too. My parents and in-laws are in good physical health for their age, but my MIL is having memory issues. It’s not her fault. It’s genetic. Her father suffered from Alzheimer’s too. She just turned 71 and I can’t have her watch my girl unsupervised. I know that day will come with my parents too, but they’re a full decade younger.

  3. On weekdays 6:30-8 am (the morning rush) and 5-7:30 pm (the race to bedtime). We’re in the car for about 45 mins of that time. She’s 2 and this is honestly a decent amount for me on weekdays. I am not looking forward to later bedtimes because I need my personal time to unwind before my own bedtime.

  4. Thats smart- have you looked into the evenflow wagon with a car seat adaptor?

  5. We have a Graco car seat, so I’m looking at the Graco version and the BabyTrends one. The evenflo won’t fit our car seat.

  6. Oh bummer! I didn't know Graco had one

  7. It looks like it’s a new addition to their line of products, so I’m skeptical. Reviews look good, but with a new product a lot of those would be paid/promo reviewers. I want to see it in person before buying it.

  8. A few tips. Stair gates should be drilled into the wall, not tension mounted. I’d get outlet covers for unused outlets, outlet covers for plugged in things, surge protector boxes, cord covers, anti-tip kits for furniture, cabinet locks, foam edging for sharp corners and shelves, knob covers for the stove if the knobs are on the front, doorknob covers for round doorknobs (we only use these for travel), door handle locks (we use these on toddler’s bedroom door), and slide locks for exterior doors installed at grown up eye level. We installed the door handle lock & slide locks on the same day because my toddler figured out how to open her bedroom door, the back door, and unlock the deadbolt all in the same day when she was around 18 months. We didn’t want her getting up in the middle of the night and wandering out into the backyard.

  9. Sick visits my 2 year old stands on the scale. At her 2 year well child they still had her stripped down to a diaper to sit on the baby scale.

  10. We started around 5 or 5.5 months with purées and tried BLW style starting a few weeks later. I was around the same age when I stole part of my older brother’s sandwich so I can totally see how the grabbing food can happen.

  11. With my toddler, we just call it “honey” and she accepts it. We started that around 13 months I think. She’s 2 now and all medicine is “honey”. We are starting a truly nasty tasting antibiotic today, also on round 2 trying to get rid of a nasty double ear infection. We shall see if the “honey” trick fails me today.

  12. The skip hop one has a nice long lifespan. We got one at 4 months. We converted to a table around 8 months. We got the chairs for her first birthday. My daughter is now 2 years old and eats breakfast at her little table half the time and uses it daily for coloring and stamps.

  13. Thank you! I am hoping to score a used one but it seems to be harder than I thought.

  14. I did look into renting it but where I'm located the only place that offered the rentals was charging $270/month so if I used it for 6 months it would work out to be like $1600 and at that price I might as well just buy it.

  15. A lot of snoo users don’t do the full 6 months. We only used it for 3.5 months with my first. With my second, I’m figuring 3-4 months max.

  16. Mine climbed in a few weeks before 18 months. We converted to a toddler bed the next morning and didn’t look back. She’s now in a twin bed and turns 2 in the morning.

  17. We have a Bumbo changing pad on top of the Malm dresser. I put some anti-slip rug pad material under it when my first was about 8 months old and squirming a lot. It makes a difference.

  18. If someone keeps a gun for emergency, doesn't it defeat the point to keep gun and bullets stored separately? How would that work for an emergency?

  19. Yeah this is the problem with the gun for emergency logic. The safe storage rules are really made for those who have the gun for sport, hunting, skeet shooting, trap shooting, etc. We have 2 separate safes. Unloaded guns are in one. The handguns also have trigger locks inside the safe. The other safe holds the ammo and important documents. They are also different types of safes from different eras, so if someone was trying to break into them to get at the guns, they’d really need to be knowledgeable about both modern locks and ones that are 100+ years old (and extremely temperamental).

  20. Doggy, a doggy. Logic: dogs beg for food, dogs also stick their heads out the car window.

  21. US brand suggestions: Primary fits skinny kids well. Target’s Cloud Island baby pants also fit skinny kids well.

  22. Mine is 2 and we’ve been in “NO DADDY! Mommy turn” stage for at least 6 months here. If it’s just her and daddy and I’m not home, she’s perfectly content. If she knows I’m home and just unavailable/otherwise occupied, that’s when we have an issue. We have not found any solution to this. My usual line is “Daddy works very hard for your love, sweetheart.” She usually responds “Yes. Mommy turn.”

  23. We make games of a lot of things. We start the bedtime routine with either a bunny hop to the bathroom or racing to see how fast she can push her scooter/cart thingy.

  24. Do you have any geography books about Lake Titicaca? If he goes to daycare maybe he learned it there. It’s a fun word to say.

  25. Mine is sick with a double ear infection and some eye crud. Today she ate 1 bite of banana, 5 applesauce pouches, maybe half a palm sized banana & blueberry pancake, 1 piece of clementine, a sugar cookie, 1 slice of cheddar cheese, 2 strawberry kiwi popsicles, some cheerios & yogis.

  26. Oh. This destroyed our household for 2 weeks. 6-7 days of fever and cold symptoms, then fever broke and it was another 6-7 days of diarrhea and vomiting. We were staying with my in-laws at the time. It took down our entire multigenerational household for 2 whole weeks.

  27. We followed most of them. We moved her to her own room at 3.5 months rather than 6 months. We allowed a lovey and random objects (bath toy, hairbrush, etc) in her crib at 11 months rather than 12 months. We introduced a pillow before 2, but she was already in a toddler bed by the time we let her have the pillow.

  28. She never spoke of it. I can’t recall if my dad or my aunt explained what happened, but my generation didn’t learn that this had happened until I was a teenager. My grandfather developed Alzheimer’s and would get birthdays confused. My cousin shared a name with the uncle who died. My grandfather would call my cousin on the wrong birthday.

  29. Mine climbed into the crib at 17.5 months. We converted to a toddler bed the next morning. We moved her to a twin bed a week shy of 2. That change is going well.

  30. My daughter (2) also hates sticky things. Might I suggest a plain cupcake with no frosting? That is the only way my daughter will eat cake at birthday parties. Kiddo can play with it, try it, break it into pieces, but with none of the icky frosting.

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