Just had this queueing experience in Homebase. Couldn't believe my fellow brits. I'm the orange one.

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  1. Whole new meaning to the term ‘rim job’

  2. Chase - no fees, good exchange rate (Mastercard rate) and 1% cashback.

  3. I’d say don’t get a solicitor but do make sure you read the guidelines carefully. For example, you say you have enough money, but there are criteria related to demonstrating this as part of the application. Similarly, it’s unlikely that your wife has the correct IELTS certificate required for the application (there are different types). None of this stuff is particularly difficult, but just requires some time to read the guidance and ask questions in places like this when you’re not sure. Good luck!

  4. ‘Dick’ autocorrected to ‘tick’

  5. Egypt, Morocco, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Benin, Sudan , Eritrea, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, uae, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, china, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, indonesia, Japan, Australia, new zealand, Argentina, USA, Canada, France, Spain, Andorra, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Ireland, Belgium,

  6. You must have a lot of great stories. What was Eritrea like?

  7. It was awful - probably the worst place I’ve visited lol. I was working there for a couple of years, and the whole society is controlled/subdued/dominated by the state. Quite a depressing place to be tbh and I can see why it’s described as the ‘North Korea of Africa. Saying that, the landscape is stunning, and I really liked the art-deco architecture in Asmara

  8. We were in a similar situation (also in the Midlands) and tried different plants from the large garden centres, but nothing really established itself. Then we found a local nursery, run by someone who understood our soil and they made a few recommendations. The plants have done amazingly well, so would recommend finding somewhere local if you can. Whereabouts in the Midlands are you?

  9. Holly and Phil enter the chat…

  10. Just cut off the bit that hangs out - the pound has lost 20% of its value this week so it’s fine

  11. Don’t order an Americano. Order a filter coffee instead - it tastes much better (I.e. not burnt) and is at a reasonable temperature

  12. Buy houses in a dozen different countries. The learn to fly and buy a jet. Spend the rest of my days travelling between them

  13. No, it won’t make a difference

  14. Have you tried the nhs app? You should be able to get it on there

  15. Throws to wrap up in on the sofa. Electric blanket. Small oil radiators are a cheaper alternative to the Big Central heating. Thermos instead of boiling the kettle umpteen times a day for hot drinks. Hot water bottle.

  16. I don’t get the Thermos suggestion. You’re still heating up the same amount of water, just in one go instead of spread throughout the day. Plus you need to buy a thermos of you don’t have one

  17. Top 5 for me: Mam Tor Ridge path, Helvellyn, Cadair Idris, Coire Lagan (Isle of Skye), Beachy Head & Seven Sisters

  18. Is JQ too far? We went to Trentina a couple of weeks ago for lunch and it was great - nice flavours, very relaxed atmosphere, and not too expensive

  19. He was in the first few seasons of Spooks

  20. No, because in 5 years they’d change the charging port and we’d all have to buy a new car

  21. Don’t worry. They’ll keep your application ‘on file’ and get back in touch if any similar opportunities come up

  22. Have you looked at the spouse visa requirements? It’s an expensive, lengthy process, and not just a case of ‘moving back’.

  23. Do the opposite of number 4 - ask everyone to go on holiday and use up other countries’ energy supplies. Could even ask everyone to fill up their reusable water bottles with petrol before they come back.

  24. It’s a BBC quiz, so they can’t be giving away too much of the licence payers’ money. Something that the Chase constantly reminds its viewers…

  25. Yes you can drive for a year on your foreign licence. You don’t need to do anything, but will need to tell your insurance company what licence you are using (Marshmallow is worth checking as they recognise international driving experience). Within the first year, you’ll need to apply for a UK provisional licence and pass the theory and practical tests if you want to continue driving. Be aware that some insurance companies will stop recognising your foreign licence once you’ve applied for a UK provisional one.

  26. What kind of soil do you have? We planted a birch in our new build garden a few years ago and it’s really helped with reducing water logging - but we have very heavy clay soil

  27. We used an apple tree in our old new build to great effect to reduce water-logged clay soil. Plus the apple tree thrived

  28. Was actually considering getting an apple tree in September. Any suggested varieties/stockists that do well in clay?

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