1. What baffles me is out of all the videos she has on her phone to post why would she choose the one of her kid screaming stop? So unhinge

  2. Yeah. Its crazy how she cant see that her skin and feautures doesnt match this white platinum-thing. It would have looked so much better with a more highlighted natural kind of beige-blonde.

  3. has she ever done that type of blonde before? im curious how she’d look thas my natural color

  4. how is she connected to balanciaga exactly? curious because she’s only 23

  5. The last pic is sooo soooo weird ? Her hair looks edited on and her body looks just different from her typical photoshop?

  6. LOL, yeah, it was totally the ferry that caused the violence. WTF.

  7. Can we talk about how Jordan did not even wear a 90s outfit lmfao. She was straight up 2000s like common..

  8. Why tho, that could ah e been avoided if she left when he cheated the first time and khloe has a history of of being the side chick to her friends men, which is worse, then khloe bullied jordyn publicly then took Tristan back and had another baby with him, I was Kylie I would check tf outta all of them and continue the friendship tf

  9. Probably not much because Jordyn had just as much body work done (Not face work though. Her face card always gave).

  10. I think she got her face done too (subtle like Hailey Bieber)

  11. Her old assistant Victoria or whatever her name is is like the only one in that friend group that didn’t get a bbl

  12. Age gaps don’t really bother with me. My partner is 9 years older and I prefer his maturity much more than boys my age 🤣🤌🏼

  13. I've always been into older men and its so annoying cuz ppl are always like "u must have daddy issues" "ur a gold digger" like no. I just like what I like

  14. Ummmm completely. I dated kids my own age. And guess what their mentally still kids tf. Boys legit age slower than women lmao. And anyways older men are hot af 😂 way more attracted to their minds bodies and uhhh they know how to fuck 🤪🤪

  15. This is just pr planning for the break up lmao right when Pete’s movie deal starts and the new season. I can’t even believe y’all think their relationship ain’t pr

  16. Lol whats even funnier is Ye’s assistant Lauren goes to the exact Doctor and he even posted her and thanked Lauren for being one of the few clients who admit to the s-curve procedure

  17. Kendall definitely does. Her pilate class pics common 😅

  18. how have we never noticed this before in paparazzi pics taken of her when her hairs pulled back and up ? Like at the met ?

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