1. They said he’s coming back during the home stand a few times now

  2. I would’ve benched Renfroe too then and let moniak get some reps… RHP to start and Renfroe has been slumping(Ik he homered tonight)

  3. It was more Urshela’s defense that was an issue and Moniak they probably didn’t want to face any of these pitchers

  4. He could’ve given up 50 runs. A dude who sits 101.9 on 31 pitches is insane to see

  5. Let's enjoy him while he lasts. Dude has a lot of injuries on his arm

  6. 1-5 today but Ward’s been hitting the ball significantly harder the last 2 series

  7. Why is it every young pitcher this team has walks a ton of batters

  8. First home run in almost a month for Renfroe but 5D chess by the Astros to get him up with runners in scoring position. He’s hitting .158.5 in those situations while leading the team in this situations. 3 fastballs down the middle too lol

  9. Tbh I’d still rather have Lopez and his stuff vs an empty average guy who plays poor defense

  10. He’s leading the league in OBP because of his batting average which is less by a babip that’s pretty significantly a career high

  11. sandoval did everything he possibly could have to get out of that inning and the angels still couldnt get out of it

  12. Except cover 1st or get strikeouts, or not miss down the middle with most of his pitches

  13. Yet moniak had a much better run and they benched him because they gotta have Nevin philosophy

  14. “Player who doesn’t hit the ball hard and strikes out 50% of the time had a nice few games but then immediately struggled and the dude who’s been struggling but has looked better at the plate lately is playing. I hate it!”

  15. You obviously didn't see why moniak got in a little slump was because of Nevin taking him out of the lineup . Anyways have fun having another under .500 season because you're a halo honk and don't point out the obvious shortcomings

  16. He didn’t get into a slump because he was benched. He got into a “slump” because he doesn’t hit the ball hard or make much contact and had a few games of an insanely unsustainable hot stretch against righties

  17. Good teams find a way to get it done. They underperform cause they have no edge/winning urgency and coaching sucks.

  18. I’m not a fan of Nevin but “coaching sucks is why trout and Ohtani have choked the last 2 games” is a dumb excuse lmao.

  19. Coaching is more than Nevin, dude. We have the most hits allowed on 0-2. I can’t just blame only the players than that. And what are we like 3-25 with RISP this series? That’s not just those two guys. It’s everyone.

  20. If you watch the game it’s hardly a coaches fault that they call for the right pitch to get a chase and a miss, and the pitcher instead throws it down the middle and gives up a hit. It’s 99% pitcher execution. Canning has missed a ton of time to it’s expected. Ohtani and Sandoval have always had bad command, Detmers the command has gotten worse as the stuff has gotten significantly better. And yeah it’s 4-24 a RISP. Ward and Drury are responsible for all 4 runs scored lol neto did have a single with RISP but it didn’t score a run, it was before the Ward AB where he got railed by the ump

  21. He shouldnt have pitched the 6th inning. He was out of gas by then and it ended up just hurting his era even worse

  22. We’re looking at 9 years of no playoffs despite having the two best players in the game on our team. We’re IN the dark period.

  23. They’ve doubled their hits from the last 2 games with RISP in this inning

  24. Ohtanis first 5 starts he had an era under 1. His last 7 starts he has an ERA over 5.

  25. 124 pitches with a 5 run lead? come on man that’s totally unnecessary

  26. It sure does feel like it, but somehow Ohtani’s RISP numbers are UP from the last time I checked them:

  27. I don’t hate it, they have to do something to change things up and get better with RISP. Obviously Walsh doesn’t hit lefties but they want his defense in there. Don’t hate Ohtani and Trout at 1-2 to get the most appearances from them you can. Will be interesting to see.

  28. He should’ve figured it out by now. Guys like George Kirby, Spencer Strider and Kershaw all were great at his age. Acuna, Albies, Peña, Franco and even J-Roid are all miles ahead of him and they’re the same age or younger. This guy is super embarrassing to our franchise and better get booed after he loses his 6th game this season

  29. First off Urshela had a play he needs to make that cost 2 runs. But anyway

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