1. The second way…I guess I’m a heathen

  2. Are you comfortable speaking casually with team members? I’m not a developer but I’m a technical writer at salesforce so I work closely with product teams and I don’t see devs do public speaking gigs much. They frequently do demos in smaller team meetings and sometimes for larger groups but the latter is usually something you’d volunteer for. That’s really it. Also salesforce is a really great working environment and I think most people are really respectful of the comfort level of others. :)

  3. Good morning! Yes, I am very comfortable speaking casually with team members. Actually, due to being HSP I would say I'm great at one-on-one communication. The larger the group of people, the worse I get.

  4. I totally get it! I actually think I’m very similar. Tech writing is a great gig too! Especially if you’re in the SaaS space. Hope to see you around Salesforce someday!

  5. Sounds like youve been making her eat her meal so she gets dessert. Dessert has turned into a higher commodity than other foods. I reccomend looking at kids eat in colour on insta/fb etc and start looking into what forcing our kids to eat and what bribing with dessert does. Also look into division of responsibilty.

  6. Yeah I follow that account. Dessert is always going to be a higher commodity because she likes it. We don’t force our kids to eat everything but if you’re hungry enough for a treat, you can eat SOMETHING. If you have tactics that have worked for your kids, please share. Thanks!

  7. We rarely do dessert. We offer her food, she eats it or she doesnt. Its that simple. We offer 3 meals 3 snacks a day. We make sure theyre balanced. We rarely say no to soemthi g sweet. Since she started eating we offer a wide variety of foods and leave it up to her to eat or not. If she doesnt want something, she waits till the next time food is on offer and can eat then.

  8. Depending on your age and sex, electric blankets can cause miscarriages if you are or intended to become pregnant. It has something to do with the electric and magnetic currents. There's lots of information you can google on their safety for women on this issue.

  9. Thanks for bringing this up. I’m 34/f. I have two young kids who are doing me in so I might be done but not 100% sure so this is a helpful consideration. Thanks again!

  10. Western Massachusetts. It gets VERY cold here, but probably not as cold as Maine.

  11. We’re coastal so not as cold as central/northern maine. Prob pretty similar to you so this is super helpful —thanks again!

  12. Why are you being downvoted? This is a sensible approach. Process of elimination. Make sure no one has harmed the child in a way that has her recreating the abuse, for safety sake. Once that's been established, chalk it up to childish curiosity.

  13. Yeah I agree with you. I think in all likelihood, this is normal toddler behavior, but I would be extra cautious and ask some probing questions just to make double sure there isn’t anything else that needs to be addressed. That doesn’t mean the behavior is abnormal, it’s just being diligent and covering your bases. This mom sounds like she does an excellent job talking to her children and keeping a dialogue anyway.

  14. I can see where those circumstantial and logistical reminders could be difficult, but I encourage you to remember that how much of a “real dad” you are isn’t something anyone but your children get to decide. The time when they’re young and have to have parental permission for things is so fleeting, but it sounds like you’ve put in the work to show your step kids that you’re there for them no matter what (and I didn’t hear you say any of the pushback comes from your kids themselves). The real measure will be the rest of their adult lives when they meet new people or bring home romantic partners. Do they call you “my parents” or say “well he’s basically my dad”? Those are the measures that matter.

  15. If she’s not into it, then this should just be a night she goes and does something with a friend or has a nice night to herself with a glass of wine and a trashy show. I don’t get this at all. It’s actually incredibly important for your very young impressionable child to not only have bonding time with you, but also to have continuity and consistency as he adjusts to a new person in his life. Speaking as a kid who went through a rough parental divorce, this is something to stand your ground on. I think the words are something like: “I love you and I want to work with you to find routines that work for all of us. But this is so important to my relationship with my son and I really need your support. He’s not going to want to do movie nights with me forever and I want him to know how much he means to me by spending his quality time together every other week.”

  16. Also I feel like his name should be Tyler. He just looks like a Tyler and doesn’t look like a Zach. Idk I can’t explain it. 😂

  17. So many answers to this and a lot of good ones here. This is what came to mind for me though:

  18. Everyone will sleep eventually! Yes there are other hard things and parenting is challenging but you aren’t this sleep deprived forever. Hang in there!

  19. Danielle is actually cute with a decent job. I won’t lie, she can stand to lose some weight but if she did she’d be set. She’s young and she has a nice personality. Someone single would want her.

  20. She needs to lose weight to be loved by someone normal? Such a weird thing to say and really unfortunate people think this way.

  21. No advise but thanks for this very relatable post. I have a cushy job at a big tech company with all the perks I could really hope for and I still am just like meh. I’ve started volunteering at a nonprofit and I wish that could be my job….but like maybe just part time and still make the same money I do now lol. Plus somehow I accidentally became the breadwinner for our family so now I feel so stuck.

  22. Yes GoGo is great! They do Friday pop ups at Allagash this summer too. I think it might be one Friday a month though. They update their Instagram pretty frequently with where the pop ups are!

  23. I put on body lotion every time I shower, which is every other day (sorry, world!) however, I use face/hand lotion daily and sometimes more than once per day.

  24. You don’t need a reservation to hike Cadillac—only to drive up. Technically, you’re supposed to have a park pass if you’re going into the park. It’s like…if you’re using the national park, please do your part to help keep it up, you know? But you’re not going to need a pass for your car to do that route and no one is going to ask you for one.

  25. L.L. bean is such a mixed …bag ….these days.

  26. They pretty much suck these days. Last thing I bought there was a few years ago - a rain jacket. After about 2 years all of the coating(?) started to just flake off. Took it in store to return it for credit and was told that because the new version only has a 1 year warranty, the lifetime warranty when I bought it wasn't valid. Since it was the holidays and crowded in store and the line was long, I pretty much said I'm getting a credit and returning this or I'm going to tie up this line and the manager, and start talking very loudly about how you won't honor warranties and your products now suck. Got a gift card and gave it to someone for Xmas.

  27. It’s true. I’ve found some of the traditional duck boots are still made in Maine but you have to really pay attention to the labels. Just isn’t what it used to be and I don’t blame folks for looking elsewhere when they’re buying new. Vintage Bean is solid if you can find it used 🙏

  28. I don’t know shit about shit but I’m gonna say Kozeta’s in Westbrook. It flies under the radar and everything I’ve had is good, including the steak bomb. Don’t come for me, Reddit.

  29. Thanks everyone. We did it. Successful swimming day for dog and humans.

  30. Where’d you go?? Recommend?

  31. I’ve never heard of it but I can’t imagine it tastes bad 😂

  32. I’m curious if he’s been married before? If so, what was the story there? If not, what have his past relationships been like? I’d do agree with the consensus here that he doesn’t seem like he wants to get married but I don’t necessarily think that means anything about his feelings for you. It could be that this ultimately isn’t it for you but it could also be that he has other reasons marriage isn’t a priority for him. You do need to work this out though bc it obviously is a priority for you and you only have one life. You listed some really practical reasons you want to get married—has he considered those things or have you talked to him about those specifically? If marriage just seems like a “nice to have” to him then maybe that’s part of it too. I’m more of the mind that a healthy relationship and a strong partner and coparent are extremely valuable so I’m hesitant to tell you to walk away but only you can decide what the deal is here and how hard of a line you want to draw. ❤️

  33. Because people put it side by side with places like Camden,hallowell, york, Freeport, bar harbor. If all you’ve ever known is maine than auburn is a shit hole. From their perspective it’s the worst because they haven’t seen worse.

  34. This! I’m actually from Bar Harbor but I’ve spent the last decade or so living in Atlanta and now that I’m back in Maine, I’m realizing the “bad” areas of Maine are really only bad by Maine standards lol. Comparatively Maine as a whole doesn’t really have bad areas honestly.

  35. Hunter’s Beach, Compass Harbor, Bracy cove, Wonderland…….

  36. I feel like Boston and Atlanta are both old cities so the layout and lack of a grid is kind of similar. Like driving in both cities sucks. Lol. When I lived in Atlanta, I said multiple times that navigating it reminded me of Boston. But I don’t necessarily think they look alike at all. :¯_(ツ)_/¯

  37. Maybe see if Bangor/Brewer has any pick up leagues? We’re in Portland but my husband joined a softball league and has met some great people.

  38. Hi welcome! I’m in Westbrook, as well. I believe there are some grills down at Riverbank Park right here in town.

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