Woods mains are a different breed.

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  1. they dont roam they have a flat spawn rate on any map

  2. I too like to state things as facts without any evidence.

  3. If you scav anywhere but lighthouse, it should be because you need specific items found in raid. Lighthouse is king for money, safety, and how fast you can be in and out. Learn how to loot the chalets and rogue compound. Plenty of YT vids on lighthouse loot routes.

  4. It’s also kinda cool because it’s unique. If it’s just something you do every time you kill a boss, it’s not so cool any more.

  5. “Only level 5 in 2 weeks?” Well, not everyone has the luxury of playing games all day. I for one, am “only” level 14 so far and I’ve been playing since the start of the wipe. With work and family to provide for, I only get to do a few raids during the weekends. To OP: You are doing great! You are leveling up faster than I did my first wipe, and don’t let anyone tell you that you are not good enough😊

  6. Yes because level 5 and level 14 are the exact same thing.

  7. Yeah man, the flea changes definitely stop me from buying meta gear. I just can’t for the life of me figure out how to buy items off the flea and barter with traders. As a result, I’m primlocked and still using a bow. Do you have any tips for me?

  8. As a Woods main, I really wish higher level "chaddy" players would queue into it more. The amount of timmys I've slaughtered is too damn high on that map. Even at sawmill you hardly ever see anyone who is actually geared up.

  9. Why run gear on a map full of people who don’t run gear?

  10. Not rare. Interchange tech stores, Labs, Lighthouse, dufflebags, stashes, PCs.

  11. Finished? Or “released” in the same shit state it’s in now?

  12. Just say it slowly and try not to laugh.

  13. 433333exp is enough for lvl50 to lvl52. Fuck me

  14. That’s the meme. It won’t be playable.

  15. I can't talk for all squads, however my group's approach of being quiet and avoiding conflict unless necessary seems to be in line with the core idea behind the game.

  16. Brother, whatever drugs you do, I need em. Hit me up.

  17. Welcome to one of the worst communities this side of Rust and LoL. Enjoy your stay :)

  18. Buy them on the flea. Seriously unless you need it FIR for a quest you should be just selling all the junk you find and buying what you need for hideout on the flea, it will drastically speed up your progress.

  19. As much as you wanna overcome it (I’ve been there), embrace it and appreciate the fact that the game makes you feel that way.. after a certain number of hours, that feeling fades and rarely comes back. It’s part of the magic that makes you fall in love w/ the game. Work to improve, but enjoy it. Wish I could get it back tbh.

  20. Matchmaking of any kind absolutely kills this genre. When you start any game, you fucking suck. It’s just that in this game the skill gap and knowledge of how to abuse the dogshit mechanics, servers, and bugs is more apparent. Somehow though, that’s part of its magic. You endure, improve, and learn to love the game for all of its flaws, or you move on to something else. Not every game is (or has to be) for every player.

  21. Absolutely. That’s more value than you’ll get out of the rubles from selling it or putting them into your bitcoin farm.

  22. When I shoot a player, scav, or rogue repeatedly in the head and see blood splatter, bullet holes in their forehead, and hear groans but they don’t die I feel very immersed in this realistic, military, combat simulation.

  23. Can’t wait to see all the ways that this terrible feature bugs out and wastes players time.

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