1. But when a majority, or even a plurality of landlords use Realpage in a given area, Realpage's price is the price. It decides that rent must go up every year by the most they can get away with.

  2. You have no idea what you're talking about.

  3. Why are you so adamant about defending landlords? Are you going to defend Philip Morris or payday lenders next?

  4. I'm not defending landlords. I'm correcting the misinformation you're spreading.

  5. $35 is half the upcharge for flouride during the cleaning at my shitty dentist. What do they use like half a pea size of the shit and charge $70. Looked up how much it costs online 2 liter bottle is like $6.

  6. Go to a non-shitty dentist then?

  7. That is the best part. There are none lol. Everyone will charge you around the same if you're in the state because insurance.

  8. There are plenty of dentists that are perfectly fine or better in nova and accept all major insurance carriers.

  9. your own links prove that woodbridge is safer than fairfax. woodbridge had a crime rate/1000 ppl of about 15, where reston had 16, fairfax had 17, alexandria had 19, manassas had 20, ...

  10. I never said Woodbridge was more or less safe than Fairfax or Manassas? I said Woodbridge has a bad reputation for a reason which is that it's less safe than VA overall and most areas of nova, especially when you consider non-property crimes.

  11. for the fbi site, if u go in for stats on each county it'll take you to each county's records where the reports are spread by neighborhood

  12. Sure, if you remove all of the safer areas from the equation, then Woodbridge doesn't look as bad.

  13. There are many cases where this is terrible advice.

  14. I didn’t see where OP mentioned a severance in the post, was this in the comments? Small businesses could offer a severance but it’s not common.

  15. Yes it was in the comments, and it is common in my experience.

  16. This is why this sub is garbage. Advertise elsewhere.

  17. Price gouging for entertainment isn't possible.

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