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  1. It helped me a lot and really abled me to develop a pretty solid short game around the green. Of course you have to go out and see how an actual ball flies and rolls out every now and then, but as far as form and contact, I highly recommend it.

  2. Played both hermitage and Gaylord when we were last there and thoroughly enjoyed both.

  3. FP and Bobby Fairways. Really have fallen off the foreplay train and liked the old good good crew a bit better than now.

  4. 100% agree. I think I'll enjoy the GG and BDS collaboration. I wouldn't mind seeing a rematch with foreplay against BDS but with Trent this time.

  5. Yeah the last match without Trent was a miss in my opinion.

  6. Love the Srixon z-star xv for price and performance.

  7. 100 and in 56 is in my hand 99% of the time. It’s more of a confidence thing.

  8. My town doesn't have a UPS or FedEx. There is a Staples near me, do they have notaries? Are all notaries public? Could I go into a law office?

  9. Funny, I am attorney in a small office. If someone is nice about it and comes in to our office our legal assistants wouldn’t hesitate to notarize something for them. So you can try that too.

  10. Hopefully they're willing. Isn't that why they're called a public notary is?

  11. I keep mine in my backpack that I carry around the gym.

  12. Big fan of mine for the price. And it shoots .5 moa. I hunt with it so I guess you could call that “beating it up” and it’s held up. I would replace the bolt shroud though since it’s plastic.

  13. Can’t comment on a Kimber but the tikka t3x has the best action I’ve felt on a factory gun under $2k.

  14. I’ve heard great things about their actions but less than stellar things about the stocks. Basically most guys recommend upgrading them and that would make it more expensive than the kimber which i’ve heard has a better trigger, smooth action and is noticeably lighter

  15. I have held the Kimbers and they do feel real nice. I have heard a few problems with their qc but I think if you looked you can find stuff like that about every manufacturer.

  16. How do you like the clip on? I think it’s crazy how small they are getting.

  17. It’s an awesome unit. Super versatile to be able to hold in your hand then clip it on to use as a stand alone optic if you want or as a clip-on unit. It’s pretty wild how tiny they are getting

  18. I have an old armasight clip on that I still use that I swear weighs like 5 pounds. It’s really cool where thermal tech is going. Especially for a hog hunter like me.

  19. You do you my man. But McLaren has my least favorite color scheme in F1.

  20. Even the Gulf special they ran at Monaco last year? That was a ting of beauty surely? I guess you could actually get a reasonable version of most teams out if this putter…except maybe Williams

  21. I can dig that but that shade of orange is still pushing it for me.

  22. But in all seriousness. There’s the “if you care that much why are you out golfing” but the pandemic also grew the game a ton (good for exposure, bad, and I mean bad, for pace of play). But it’s still and always was a thing. Just be honest. I started masking up again recently even going to the store (fully vaccinated and boosted, but for others, because that’s what the mask is for). So just be honest. It’s appreciated all the way around

  23. They're very VERY spinny. This can be good for greenwork, but if you have an even moderately fast swing speed, you're going to lose a ton of distance.

  24. Don’t take my watch off for anything really including golf.

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