1. I have issues where a user is sharing their desktop and it freezes once I take control... I have to exit out of teams multiple times and even then, it won't work

  2. Completely agree!!! I hated the way I looked over a year ago, and now I compare to it to my current progress. Now in a year I'll compare it to my current progress. Good job

  3. Then watch mommy blow their heads off for being lazy PoS

  4. I can confirm that it's a fake. I just went on chat GPT and I asked it the same questions and it said that if has no personal preference for both and then gave a poem about their attributes

  5. If you're unable to go to a gym, then I would do pushups, situps and run. I was a firefighter and I'll tell you this, they will fail you if your tank runs out before a certain time limit. That and you need to have the cardio endurance to control your breathing while the respirator is on. Doing pushups and situps will help build your core strength as you would need it to throw ladders, bust a door open with a halogen, carry a charged line and hold it. That's what I would do.

  6. I can do like two push-ups And have no equipment And nobody to help Me. My mom also is way over protective and won’t let me go out unless someone is with me. All of my friends live half an hr or more away And can’t do stuff with me. Now what would you do 😂

  7. That's not an issue. You can do assisted pushups (stay on your knees) and do them that way. Build a good foundation and you will slowly be able to handle more of your weight to where you can do normal pushups. I would strive for 5-10 every hour. Do that for a week and then increase the amount.

  8. Storage is a big issue for me i don't trust any government or company to not cut corners at some point in the thousands of years needed to safely store it

  9. Seriously this! I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic but that is the exact question I ask every time this topic is brought up. “But but what about the waste product??” Launch that shit into the abyss and let’s call it done! For the money saved in energy production from nuclear power we could use to fund rockets that literally send this shit into the (already VERY radioactive) cosmos never to make contact with a living life form again. I fucking die inside when “experts” suggest, “we could bury it” or “it’ll take decades to build these power plants”….start building now then you fucks! /rant

  10. Oh no I'm being 100% serious. Get it the fuck outta here. If it has no other purpose other than being a waste byproduct, send that shit towards the sun and watch the fireworks

  11. Most recently was working with Azure, Terraform, and Kubernetes. It was fun at first, but quickly became exhausting

  12. Maybe go into a different IT field like networking or being a network architect

  13. I was doing Linux administration prior to this. I might go back and do that again, idk

  14. Fuck it. Go back to what made you love IT. I love where I'm at. The only customers I deal with are my coworkers and everyone has a sense of humor so I can joke and fuck around with them.

  15. Love a steakhouse. Moved form the KY area to NY and we have Russell Salvatore's

  16. Every single person former president Trump endorsed for the 2022 election, did not get elected. He is toxic and honestly I wish Ron would run for president

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