1. The way we're going to lose Sminty, Baby, Le Fil and Dakota in a row now 😭

  2. Rest in Power You'll always be a legend

  3. BTM WIN WIN ? BTM ? ELIM is such a camp track record

  4. Sminty can sew so i hope she's HIGH SAFE HIGH ELIM

  5. wait pixie makes it to top 5? girl i fully thought she was like 4th out

  6. Lizzo's never going to be a guest judge again me thinks

  7. Can anyone send the CAN3 ball looks pics?

  8. What is The Spoiled Drag Race’s fantasy AS9 cast?

  9. https://giphy.com/gifs/arVUGa5IX59Z6nCSuA

  10. The way Jimbo's lipsync track record will be LOSS LOSS LOSS LOSS LOSS next year

  11. They should do an Canada All Stars as the next season if they want to save the franchise

  12. So many missed storylines without Ilona, Adriana and Fierce

  13. Omg, i forgot about Fierce, imagine her and Eve in the same untucked

  14. Oh shit I thought we're still talking about Rosé lmao.


  16. I tried to make two track records versions for S15, one with

  17. I tried to make two track records versions for S15, one with

  18. Sugar and Spice changed their IG usernames! Now it's callmespice and sugarsworld

  19. We're really going to lose Lady Boom Boom, Bom Bae, catch a break with Irma, and then lose Vivian.

  20. as8teaspiller is such a faker name 😭😭

  21. I just remembered that Kasha is on AS8

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