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  1. I used to read those same message boards about Lost. It was so fun reading the theories.

  2. Little Women. I usually don't like classics because I find the writing dull, but Little Women has such great characters having such wholesome adventures and it really sucked me in.

  3. I agree. I’ve read it 3 times, and I don’t usually like classics.

  4. They mentioned Emma again today. Maybe they’ll bring her back for Cam.

  5. I feel the same way. Whenever I’m working on something, I put it on in the background. When I’m not feeling well, I watch it. It’s just such a comfort.

  6. They really look great. Felicia too! I was thinking that while watching them all today.

  7. Anytime there’s a scene in the servants’ hall and Mrs. Pattmore’s booming voice can be heard in the background. It makes me laugh because she has so much character.

  8. Yeah TPTB are so obvious that they want us to think it's Esme so they can "pull a fast one" 🙄

  9. Wow, some writer remembered that Maxie ALSO had a husband who died.

  10. Kristina is what Michael think he is...just let her run the organization at this point.

  11. I’ve been looking for a decent job for over a year but have trouble even getting interviews due to lack of experience. Take the job in Dallas. You can always go to your family if it doesn’t work out.

  12. I love it when Denker goes after Dr. Clarkson for not defending the dowager and Spratt asks, “Were you drunk?” I replay that every time.

  13. Unpopular opinion: the winner does not make the show for me I think a jury has a right to be bitter. The great thing about this game is that people value different things! My list of the best players may be completely different from your list. And that’s okay! There is no one right way to judge or analyze this game

  14. This is true. I don’t always remember who won. I remember who entertained me.

  15. I’m gonna jump from 30mg (the lowest dose in Australia) to nothing. Currently on 60mg down from 120mg.

  16. My pharmacist suggested keeping the tapered beads in the capsule because it’s a slow release medication. He said diluting it in liquid would prevent that.

  17. If you can divide the beads and still keep the capsule go for it. I may be wrong but i think these specific beads have an extended release coating themselves depending if you have generic or brand name cymbalta.

  18. You may be right. I am taking the generic which may be why he said that.

  19. I would respect that. She deserves it. Some of the other stuff it’s been interrupted for hasn’t been.

  20. I was just now thinking this, But that Mary should have chosen Charles Blake! He suits at all levels Best.

  21. Has it even been said why the show runners chose to not have her with Charles?

  22. I agree and would much rather watch Nelle for 10 min than Carly. I think the problem is that Carly on too much. So she just keeps repeating the same things because there’s nothing else for her to do. It’s screen time with no purpose. Nelle comes in and lights the place on fire.

  23. Gregor the Overlander - has some bad rats, but also a really entertaining "good" rat who is also a snarky asshole.

  24. is it just me or does Michael kind of resemble Chicken Little?

  25. I’m curious, are there GH fans out there who support Joss acting this way? I know there are Carly fans who hate Nina, but are there that many people rooting for Joss when she acts like that? I’m just wondering why the writers keep giving her these kinds of scenes. I used to like Joss.

  26. This season has felt so long since it’s had so many different chapters - the mermaid veto, Paloma, and Nicole wiping Jasmine’s ass feel like they happened seasons ago

  27. I does feel long. I’m just glad it isn’t because it’s been boring.

  28. Watching him act feels like art. Maybe it's cheesy to put it that way but..

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