1. But my unarmed rune knight fighter wants to wrestle a tarrasque.

  2. How is it that everyone came to this idea separately? Lemme guess, goliath too right? Love it lol

  3. Actually, a seemingly unconventional pick in simic hybrid for the grappling appendages

  4. Plasmoid seems like the obvious choice there but I went Goliath for the story/character of it.

  5. Daily reminder that rich people know that it's bad out there, they just do not give a shit.

  6. What's your plan with silver? It would be infinitely more valuable for you to cash it in and buy preps with it. If you come up to me in the wilderness and I'm making soup and you offer me a shiny metal bar I'm going to laugh in your face.

  7. Feeding in data for things like "On TikTok mascara means sex" I assume

  8. Remember Reynolds doesn't give a fuck about you and your vote. This isn't a Republicans vs Democrats thing, zoom out. She's trying to make life terrible for poor people to earn brownie points in thr Republican party. Don't fight the culture war, zoom out and fight the class war.

  9. Reynolds is making a bid for Vice President. She's going for shock factor so she can get free publicity and also kudos from her Republican only base.

  10. Homie, we've arrived. All the targeted hate crimes and shootings, all the shot up transformers, January 6th, every Kyle Rittenhouse, every Derek Chauvin, this is what The Troubles looked like. This time you won't see standing armies and secessions and gunboats, just whackjobs with AR's and terrorism.

  11. I don’t quite think we are there yet, but you are spot on about it looking more like Belfast in the 80s than Gettysburg. The state will likely be fighting both leftists, and right wingers who threaten its authority, along with violence between the two sides. It will also not be every city, but rather places where there is a mix of organized right and left. Cities like Portland, San Diego, and Charleston spring to mind.

  12. I like your point, Portland will be an actual war zone. But really are the cops going to fight right wingers or are the cops the right wingers?

  13. Luna Valley Farm for pizza (I don’t know if it’s open in the winter). Food is great! You can sit outside at a picnic table and look out at the gorgeous farm. It’s hard to explain, but their website has some good photos!

  14. Mabes Pizza. A classic family pizza joint that never disappoints.

  15. Armory BBQ is the best BBQ restaurant in Decorah for sure. But if there were three, it'd be last.

  16. Obligatory reminder that a 2-dimensional axis is stupid, and "authoritarian" is a relatively meaningless term.

  17. Des Moines, Mason City, Fort Dodge, Dubuque, Iowa City, Davenport, etc?

  18. Yeah, all those places with zero racism and 100% voter turnout for progressive candidates only, that's what those places are.

  19. Kinda dumb from a visual perspective but from a sticking it to the man perspective I can't hate it.

  20. Tell me you have no idea how poor people eat without telling me you have no idea how poor people eat.

  21. Anyone but Chris Pratt for Starlord in GotG. You got Glenn Howerton (Dennis Reynolds), Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Aaron Paul, John Krasinski, Jenson Ackles, and James Marsden.

  22. I think you're thinking of Logan Paul, Aaron Paul was Jessie in Breaking Bad.

  23. A lot of corn and a bunch of republican farmers balanced out by one big city full of liberals. Did I just describe Iowa or Minnesota? -love, your neighbors from the south

  24. You see where this is going though right? They bought DND Beyond and are getting rid of this so that the only way to get the books will be by subscription only.

  25. Also let them fight over the bottom half of the board and you go for all of the top stuff. Territories are how you win the most money, so go colonize the Albion areas and Polania and Rusviet stuff and let them fight for the bottom half and the factory. Nordic is a good faction purely because they aren't good at any one thing whereas Saxony has to win combats and disrupt things and Togawa has to branch out ever so slowly.

  26. It was a joke, we routinely say stuff like that when we mean it’s the obvious or easy choice. Ie I can’t get the door because my dog is lying on my lap so I’m legally obligated to stay put. Complete jest

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