1. I ordered one like a week ago and it ended up getting canceled due to supply issues

  2. I just ordered from hyte themselves instead. Little more expensive but 40$ more out of a 2k build is w/e

  3. What RGB cables are those? Ive been looking for some to put on the 3080 I just ordered

  4. Did the case come with the tie downs and velcros?

  5. Ok, I just ordered this case as well and wasnt sure. So I'll place an order for them. She looks great tho, wonderful job

  6. I had 2 days and felt that was arguably a bit too much. but I also couldnt even begin to care about OMM so it was a struggle just to open the books

  7. Is there a way to set a background filter for thalamus?? I know how to for zoom but don't see options to do so on thalamus... Ty!

  8. 2 week trip to Ireland with gf and my parents (partially funded as their gift to me), new gaming PC, and potentially a PS5. Thinking about working a tad ~10hrs/WK) once I'm off in April to help pay for it all

  9. Are you studying for podiatry?

  10. Nah I'm in med school so applying for internal medicine residency rn

  11. How much longer you have left

  12. 4 months of rotations left, 6 till I get my degree. But i wanna do heme onc so 3 years of IM residency and 3 year onc fellowship. You?

  13. My gf (26f) is the most caring and phenomenal human I know. She absolutely would do fantastic with you all and has an astounding work ethic. I'll have her reach out shortly.

  14. Cause you’ll see a lot of very smart docs who are total morons in everything else.

  15. Our guild is struggling a little too since we're going for Zerg start of 8 DPS 1 healer. We were 500k heath of making the cut and it seems all DPS need to be doing 6K essentially to clear it

  16. My anatomy course was done in a gross lab so it was pretty similar to med school. It was like 3 years apart for me but i remember most the muscles. So when it came time to study it was usually a brief review of muscles and bones that i already knew and then just focusing on nerves and blood vessels

  17. Last week I pugged naxx10 and it took 4 hours, this week I raided with a guild and we cleared naxx/os/eye in less than 3.5 hours. That’s really the difference I’m seeing so far, speed.

  18. I'd argue it's more of a diff. My guild did 2 groups of 10naxx last night and we each cleared in under 2hrs and had time for eoe and os before raid ended at the 3hr mark.

  19. Bro nah. It's all about WOTLK rn, don't even pretend

  20. How is it? I feel like i need a mindnumbing MMO to tame the storm.

  21. For me the nostalgia slaps. The raids are kinds disappointingly easy. But i love resto druid and aways try to best the priests and pallies which i never should in our raid

  22. I put Taco Bell on my hobbies, was brought up at many interviews. A couple people thought I was trolling but w/e it worked out

  23. Lol that's awesome. For the last of my hobbies i had: chipotle (with guac)

  24. How do we know when IM programs want an IM SEL letter vs just a department letter?? Unsure what to letter to assign to programs in eras

  25. Those should be the same thing. The IM chair should be making the SEL.

  26. Our chair is but they asked for 2 separate eras upload links. So i wasn't sure if that means programs will have a preference or should I just blanket assign the sel

  27. I just started leveling my first night elf and omg.. i just gave up half way thru and hearthed out

  28. Nice! That is kind of my goal as well. Seems we are on similar paths.

  29. Haha I'm in the same boat, brother. I haven't touched boomy since like cata. What I've found the most useful is good macros to switch into bear form, enrage, enrage Regen. Easy barksin. Easy roots/ travel form. Just keep distance at all costs. Especially with how annoying dks with grip can be. My friend showed me help/harm macros which are tough to learn but super useful. I'd rec all i said plus looking those up on YouTube or something

  30. Nice! Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it.

  31. I'll prob pvp as a balance for fun, but I'm maining resto. Goal is to gear asap then sell healer heroic runs since with dks the shortage of healers is even more with the surplus of tanks. Use the gold to buy the boe cloth chest as it's bis for both balance and resto

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