1. Great cock, wish I could fuck those boots while you are wearing them

  2. Nice work, wish I could wear them freshly sprayed like this

  3. So beautiful, wish I could grind my cock on those cum soak boots

  4. One smoking hot biker boot babe for sure

  5. I would recommend the marlboro southern cuts as well. Or, perhaps Marlboro lights. Newports are a great if you want to try menthols

  6. Good for you buddy. Please take good care and be the person you want to be, you look great in spite of the pain and discomfort you must be experiencing. I hope this facility has some experienced and helpful counselors

  7. One thing always leads to another when I'm wearing my boots

  8. The car looks amazing, your legs look fine also

  9. YIPES! Sure hope you didn't put the new engine in this rusted wreck. I know, the customer may insist, but you don't want anything to do with this safety hazard that might end up getting in an accident

  10. I love wearing my high heel boots, makes me feel great about myself. You look amazing!

  11. Of course! Tasting your cum would be a dream cum true

  12. seems like your body is trying to tell you something. I would surely lay off for awhile to let it heal. Have you changed brands lately, perhaps that might have something to do with it

  13. Inside my levis, boots like that should be on display for sure

  14. That is so beautiful. Wish my mouth was on that cute bulge while you pissed, bet it tastes even better than it looks

  15. I'm so sorry you are down on yourself like this. I'm hoping you have some trusted/close friends or family you can confide in. You are worth all the trouble and then some buddy, I know how it feels to lose self esteem. Please keep talking to us here, or seek some counseling. Perhaps you are expecting too much, we can't all be the ultimate femboy model. I'm also thinking that you don't see yourself the way others might, perhaps others think you look great in femboy mode. Please seek some help/advice/counseling, we are all here for you as well.

  16. Big hit, a home run in fact! You look great in those boots

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