1. Normal heroic, yes. You can still complete the quest, you just don’t get the extra 3 in the satchel

  2. Isn't the lockout the same for H and H+? So OP would be completely locked out of doing the quest.

  3. True, could op possibly create their own group and tell everyone it’s last boss only?

  4. MLB is also a sport where a hitter succeeding 30% of the time makes him a hall of famer. There's far more randomness to the game when it is all based on individual events.

  5. Exactly, 1 or 2 superstars in the MLB does not guarantee success, see the Angels for example.. lol. 1 star, like a qb in the nfl doesn’t mean you’ll even have a winning record in mlb

  6. What's that old Mike Trout joke? "Last night Mike Trout hit for the cycle and the angels lost 10-2."

  7. Lmao, I hadn’t heard that, but that’s pretty good.

  8. Pulling down to refresh always does it for me. It takes another few milliseconds when you tap the refresh button and have the software respond to that command. (I sound nerdy, omg.)

  9. I always wondered what the fastest method was when they did the rise of the resistance virtual queues, some people would be screaming they got in when mine still says not yet available lol

  10. I for one don’t believe anything I see on TikTok… every video is just for views, and they are so unbelievable. Ground crew must have been in the cargo hole, and the flight attendants just opened the hatch for them to come up

  11. 1 rejuv and locks have full health and mana and I’m still at full mana.

  12. I miss my 99. Was my first taste at diesels and I’ve been hooked since!

  13. Yeah I did a number of H+ with a decently geared group and it was mostly just annoying. The nerf to the lifesteal in Gundrak/DTK is a step in the right direction, but now they need to:

  14. For CoS you can just use the strathome holy water to cure the disease. I agree with the rest though, the HoL/HoS mechanics aren’t really changing anything, the 2nd to last pull on the first area in Occ can be real ugly, I died in 2 seconds on my resto druid today, tank pulls, everything mirrors, I cast one rejuv, all casters turn to me and I’m dead lol

  15. All the enchanting responses are making me finally want to level my 70 warrior. Already max enchanting but running 80 dungeons would be way better for gold from shards

  16. If all your chara have a gearscore of 4k. Pick a main and do 10 and 25er ulduar and av per week and HC+ everyday. After that just do the HC+ and av on your twinks or if you have time do some more raids on your favourite twink. Don't force yourseld into raiden with twinks in ulduar. Just wait for ppl gearing up and join these groups later in this phase with your twink.

  17. One of those I feel dumb asking chris Pratt memes, but why av? I need to pick a main and pug ulduar so I stop trying to get those 1 or two pieces on my Druid and paladin

  18. I know this is unrelated, but since you brought him up... is it weird that I hope Saturday gets the job, and not just because I don't really want the Colts to succeed but because I'm actually kinda interested to see what happens if he gets to construct his own staff and go into a full offseason?

  19. I kind of hope he sorta succeeds because I’m tired of seeing the same 6-8 coaches fail somewhere only to keep getting hired over and over, repeating the same thing. Nice to get some new coaches in the league

  20. That's very low. I have 31K unbuffed with no Ulduar gear as a DK.

  21. Yeah my dk alt is only like 3950 gs and has almost 33k hp unbuffed. Pvp gear does help though

  22. I've lost dying curse double digit times I think, usually with multiple SR. I'm convincing myself i just prefer to have Mark of the War Prisoner

  23. At least you can use the trinket when you want? Lol

  24. I had a 4x SR on turning tide. Rolled a 13, 4, 2 and ... 1.

  25. Oof! Today was the first time I sr voice of reason instead of turning tide and of course tt drops. I left the raid and rolled on my own to see what I would have had, and it was only a 40, so I’m telling myself someone would have rolled higher… lol

  26. It means nothing when you can buy Ulduar 25 man BoEs and get geared to the teeth from H+ and P1 raids. My shaman got to 3.7k GS 3-4 hours after dinging 80 with buying some BoEs and joining Naxx run. I am 10 hours into lvl 80 and sitting at 4.1k gs now.

  27. I’m Bowling and was trying to watch that foul, that was a flop right? Didn’t look like he hit him

  28. You can literally build your own voa groups and nobody will care

  29. Yep! Did this on my dk forI just hit 80 on the day before for voa lol

  30. It's insane how many people just ignore this incredibly easy option.

  31. Yeah, I get invited to a lot of groups where the leader is under 3700, I usually heal so as long as people don’t get insta killed the groups are fine, I’ve healed 3400 tanks and been just fine

  32. ngl tank loot is pretty underwhelming. only 2 ilvl 213 items across all dungeons whereas most dps/healers can get up to 5-6 ilvl 213 pieces.

  33. Agreed, trying to gear up my dk tank alt and it sucks, not much to be had, and seems like only caster loot drops, or tier that isn’t mine lol

  34. That sentiment is exactly why Blizzard is so lax on bots/gold farmers. Imagine if all of those mats and stuff just vanished from the market and never came back. Raid logging would be quite significantly harder, and that's a huge part of their playerbase

  35. And I guess fishing is one of those where they really aren’t taking anything from anyone else farming, unlike herb or mining nodes

  36. Mahomes has a chance to set records and that is enough reason alone to keep someone chasing Brady

  37. Probably the only one, no others will have incentive to still be playing

  38. I like driving small cars that I don’t care if they get scratched for this reason, I’d park on the right side right in front of that Cadillac and fit between the lines.

  39. The cowboys D should have been doing what diggs did to Allen, but to Dak lol

  40. Depends. I've had an hour and a half UP because our healer couldn't get out of ice. After multiple replacements we finally got it done.

  41. Spent 75 minutes in CoS today because the undergeared dk tank kept turning into a zombie and wiping us instead of using the holy water lol.

  42. The shield flying to nexus not dismounting is what I’m most happy about lol

  43. What people are missing is that it doesn’t matter if Dak is playing up to his contract. That’s the cost of having stability at the position. It would be nice if he was making 50-75% less, but that’s not how the league works.

  44. 100% the zeke contract, pollard proved there are cheaper and better backs out there

  45. I had a guy /w asking gs, I asked why he was asking since I'm listed for hc standard not +, he asked why not +, I told him I'm fresh 80 and my gear sucks (unholy dk, all blues except mirror, spiked titansteel helm, titansteel bonecrusher). He invited me anyway so I said "as long as your group doesn't mind". He said "idc" lol.

  46. I’ve honestly had better groups with the 3.7-3.9k groups with me being 4.3k on my Druid healing, vs the groups that are all 4.4k, they over pull big time and all die to stupid crap, like not moving in UK lol, or doing basic mechanics because they think they can over gear it.

  47. All the 4.2k VoAs I saw today lol, my holy paladin with basically all p1 bis minus shield because the damn thing never dropped for me on kt and I’m not 4.2k

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