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  1. Make sure to pick up the propane accessories ring and equip it before the fight, it makes the fight a lot easier

  2. There really do be a lot of plin plon plin fans out there

  3. Edit: I flew to Goldenrod city and flew back and now the boulders in the right position

  4. The cabinets made me think it was the bonfire in AL after the snippers at first glance

  5. Hmmmmm. You seem to be in quite a pickle. Hmmmmmm

  6. Hmmmmm This upvote arrow only seems to go up Hmmmm

  7. What level are u I won’t be able to connect if ur too low?

  8. I’m at the lamp, but for some reason I’m not connecting

  9. Yeah someone else actually rang the bell lol I thought it was you at first

  10. A good tip for OS is hope that Ornstein dashes at you at the beginning of fight and dodge out of the way and hit him a few times. That’ll likely stagger him depending on what weapon you’re using and probably get a few more hits in before big chungus waddles his way over

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