1. It’s so embarrassing isn’t it 😭 I can’t believe they tell you off? It’s not your fault you need the toilet. Also the night time toilet trips, i never get a full nights sleep!

  2. yes, the night trips, I have to get up like three timed every night

  3. needing to pee constantly and sometimes almost being unable to hold it

  4. you don’t get to decide when you’re weight restored, or anyone else for that matter. not even medical professionals. only your body decides that, and if you’re experiencing extreme hunger then you aren’t weight restored. the extreme hunger will persist until you gain that weight, that’s simply how it works.

  5. i feel like I don’t know what exactly I crave because it’s so much at the same time and then I basically frezee and can’t make anything…. it’s hard to accept that well, eating, is the solution

  6. Fruit, dried fruit, applesauce squeeze packs, protein bars, pre-pack some oats, pre-packed seasoned tofu, or If you eat meat, organic deli turkey. Veggies with hummus? ask if you can go to the grocery when you arrive to get some things you’ll eat.

  7. I went on a short road trip recently and I made sure to pack my own cooler of safe foods! Protein bars and fruit, and I brought a bunch of other not so safe snacks just for my friends. If you have the means to sort of meal prep for the trip I'd recommend doing that! It definitely saved me from the unnecessary anxiety

  8. yeah I’m currently trying to meal plan^ I’m up for ideas, thanks yeah I will do something similar but buying protein bars stresses me out even if they are somewhat safe for me

  9. you probably don’t weight to much, maybe you gained a bit if muscle (I don’t know how active you usually are but I guess a summer calp requires you to be active) definitely not too much. It’s good really good. It’s a step in the right direction, maybe a push towards recovery. be honest with yourself, aside from the weight thing, how did you feel? Did you feel stronger and better than usually?

  10. I never told them WHY I have so many negative associations with certain foods- I’ve told them that I have a negative association with it and some question why, but for me it’s pretty embarrassing to say “I have sensory issues with most foods and the smell/texture/taste is unappealing and nauseating,” “I’d prefer not to have you make my food because my mom purposely put dairy products in my food for months when she was forcing me to recover, and I was diagnosed with a dairy allergy prior to my ED, so being physically sick for months was horrid and I’d rather not risk being sick again,” “I would prefer not to have x food because it was a huge trigger food for binge eating, and I would become very sick and sometimes even eat the food if it was stale or outdated, so I’m not gonna risk a binge,” or “I simply don’t trust my mom when it comes to food because she only enabled my BED when she has an ED herself, so why would I trust anyone along the lines of food?”

  11. I elate to the sensory issues, but I don't really hide it since it's been like that since childhood, I only hid it because I got bullied for it in elementary school. The kids thought me disliking coke and preferring other sodas was a reason to bully me, coke had a weird taste smell and texture kind of, for me

  12. i know once my mom said ‘the amount of restrain you have, you eat one pice of candy and then leave the rest for later’ can’t remember if it was candy or something else but in general I don’t eat an entire bag or packet of anything, in contrast to my brother who needs a day to eat the same thing I would need a week for. on one hand I’m jealous of my brother for being able to eat more on the other, that guy is a giant and has a sort of physically demanding job.

  13. My guess would be that rule applies as to not trigger other patients. It's often a disease of comparison, after all.

  14. I thought the same but the explanation I got had more to do with ‘this is a clinic not a place to dress sexy’ and well it’s not about sexy it’s about it being hot as hell outisde

  15. I’m 18, technically an adult but not really. It’s a struggle I’m in a treatment center but I doubt that is a solution for everyone, so for it’s mostly being forced to eat entire portions and learning about nutrition, I am gaining weight but I don’t know if I will he able to hold it once I’m out. What you need to do is learn to accept yourself and your PERSONAL relationship with food. ‘just eating’ isn’t everything especially if the food is awful and you have to force yourself to eat ut, eating things YOU like should be the actual key. It’s true, you can’t recover on your fear food, but neither can you recover only with food you hate (taste wise). I’d say learn to enjoy it again and maybe try new things, devillainice it

  16. NDA dafür das du es gesagt hast jedoch BDA für die Art. Im gegenteil zu den anderen würde ich jedoch sagen das es verständlich ist das du es so sagtest. Ja du höttest es anders formulieren können jedoch war es ein versehen. Sie verhält sich jetzt gerade jedoch auch nicht wirklich gut besonders das sie meint fu hättest es garnicht sagen sollen. Ihr solltet in der Lage sein Probleme offen zu sagen ohne zu denken lügen ist besser

  17. i would say it depends on how much you ate and what other things were in the stir fry. The bag of popcorn is good, a dessert/snack. Depending on the portion size of the stir fry its too little or good. I would not say that it’s too much, definitely not that

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