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  1. I’m 30 years old and drink a gallon a day. Naysayers can absolutely fight me.

  2. Do you think the weirdos with tattoos of them are worse? Just disturbing.

  3. I just want to know how these people think makeup brands survived before tiktok, IG and YT? Not to mention, teens on tiktok are in no way the majority of makeup consumers.

  4. Especially when there are brands still around from their grandmothers youth! My grandma still wears the same makeup and doesn’t know what an influencer is!

  5. First time trying alternative bacons to belly bacon. This was a pork shoulder last weekend. Frying it up now for a test.

  6. I watched the initial police interview and “confession.” It was insane the amount of excuses he came up even when presented with evidence from the coroner on what she actually went through.

  7. That's probably a lie he told to save his sorry ass. Tw SA:

  8. They added a second article at the bottom about men trying to lessen their sentences by claiming the victim said or did something to essentially deserve it.

  9. I need a painting of the extra baked ones for my house. 🥹

  10. I painted the extra toasty ones! I have hand signed prints available with free shipping!

  11. These look great, but am I wrong that a few of the lighter shades look like repeats?

  12. Some do look similar but have slightly different undertones.

  13. It’s seriously such an instant red flag

  14. Men who refer to women as “females,” I call “xy chromosomes.”

  15. One of my boys squeaks, trills and cries even if the dish is full because he likes it to constantly be fresh from the bag. 😮‍💨

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