1. Hawaii redshirts Drew Martin (FR) and Marquez Foster (FR)

  2. Hawaii offers Javon Calvary (70)

  3. Hawaii offers Drew Martin (68)

  4. Hawaii offers Sam Tatum (151)

  5. #188 Anthony Williams Pitch Limit: 890 Close: 126

  6. Hawaii offers Anthony Williams (188)

  7. Hawaii offers Reggie Milligan (28)

  8. There was a tractor trailer that went completely off that same ramp a couple months ago. I wonder if both these accidents were caused by cars zipping around and cutting them off.

  9. I actually know the truck driver who went off the ramp today on 795. Had a "cardiac episode" while driving. Blacked out on the ramp. Doesn't remember the accident at all. Someone pulled him from the truck before it blew up.

  10. Looks like they could be used or could be brand new but opened for other reasons, yet never used.

  11. I didn't, but I really wasn't looking, and, well, at this price, I move cought a card I really didn't need and couldn't justify, lol

  12. I think it means limited warranty, 30 days from Woot. But I admittedly (and possibly foolishly) didn't read all the fine print before I hit buy.

  13. Hawaii redshirts Adonis Nowitzki (Fr) and Limar Cason (Fr)

  14. #66 Limar Cason Pitch Limit: 540 Close: 126 TIME: Mon 11 PM

  15. Hawaii offers Limar Cason (66)

  16. #34 Marco Abass Pitch Limit: 1290 Close: 120 TIME: Mon 5 PM

  17. Hawaii offers Marco Abass (34)

  18. #30 Adonis Nowitzki Pitch Limit: 1290 Close: 54 TIME: Fri 11 PM

  19. Hawaii offers Adonis Nowitzki (30)

  20. New Hawaii lineup. Autosort and reset all playing time except the two redshirts please. Thanks.

  21. Fuck it, I don't know what I'm doing. Just auto-sort my shit (sans the two red shirts) and watch it burn.

  22. his thread is listed above

  23. So. PG Sean Edukugho Pitch Limit: 1290 Close: 99 TIME: Sun 8 PM

  24. Hawaii offers Sean Edukugho

  25. #76 Denzel Lee Pitch Limit: 540 Close: 126 TIME: Mon 11 PM

  26. Hawaii offers Denzel Lee (76)

  27. #75 Anthony Leggett Pitch Limit: 540 Close: 126 TIME: Mon 11 PM

  28. Hawaii offers Anthony Leggett (75)

  29. #205 Dale Ebi Pitch Limit: 890 Close: 126 TIME: Mon 11 PM

  30. Hawaii offers Dale Ebi (205)

  31. #169 John Hogg Pitch Limit: 890 Close: 126 TIME: Mon 11 PM

  32. Hawaii offers John Hogg (169)

  33. #19 Malcolm El-Amin Pitch Limit: 890 Close: 93 TIME: Sun 2 PM

  34. Hawaii offers Malcolm El-Amin (19)

  35. Most unclutch coach in the league will return to shit the bed yet again.

  36. Hawaii's lineup for S8 and the postseason:

  37. Hawaii lineup from S3 through end of season (or until I modify):

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