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  1. This is a beautiful female Zygiella x-notata Aka the silver-sided sector spider. They are solitary spiders, residing in daily-spun orb webs. Z. x-notata is a member of the genus Zygiella, the orb-weaving spiders. The adult female is easily recognized by her characteristic leaf-like mark on her posterior opisthosoma, caudal to the yellow-brown cephalothorax.

  2. I know I love spiders, I was as gentle as I could trying to get it down from a high height. My wife just can't settle if they are in the house. It has been released now and it looked quite mobile where I put it. Thanks for the reply.

  3. We need a better image, and a geographic location.

  4. Yeah sorry it's because of the frosted glass. That's as close as I can get using a ladder as toilet in the way. Is west coast of Scotland.

  5. I read an article on here about antihistamines so I started probably ten days ago and tbh I am delighted. The leg aches have gone and generally feel a lot better. Only thing that is still sticking around is sinusitis and brain fog but the study did say the brain fog would be the longest to go. It has been three days since any other symptoms and I was getting them daily so I am cautious but I hope I am on the mend a bit.

  6. Small talk. Either say something interesting or say nothing. Nothing wrong with silence.

  7. As someone who suffers from health anxiety, I urge you to get therapy and nip this in the bud immediately. It is a cancer of the mind that just gets worse and worse. One day 10 years ago I started worrying that I had ALS. Despite the doctors assurance that no other symptoms than the one I was experiencing was present which meant they weren’t concerned, I spent a couple years stressing over it until I had to face the fact that if I had it, it would be very obvious by then.

  8. I am sorry to hear that and sorry it took so long to speak out about it. I have spoken to my family and my wife and counsellor who has give me exercises to work on.

  9. Store my bananas in same cool box as my garlic sausage while travelling around France camping.

  10. Im all down for calling out poor form and bad attitudes but how quickly this fan base turns on its players is hilarious as it is embarrassing. Shaw went from being deemed the second coming of roberto carlos, to being the worst Left back in history in the space of 6 months(Yeah sure I agree, New contract? TERRIBLE idea). That interview for england simply added fuel to a full on wild fire, which i feel is very unfair. Now personally, I feel that, he hasnt been "great", out of his last 8 seasons, 3 or 4 have been standouts, but im not advocating for him to snap his legs again (GENUINE thing ive read online)

  11. Bebe played for Cape Verde last night. I believe that makes him a success.

  12. Just on Wander, went straight to Chernobyl. Such a fascinating place, so sad.

  13. Looks like Daniel LaRusso trying to act in cobra Kai.

  14. Thats the fear of everyone with an elderly parent living alone

  15. My gran got up in middle of night to have a smoke and fell down the stairs and damaged her back, legs and neck pretty bad, wasnt found for about ten hours. Required a long stay in stay in hospital but when she got home she didn't do any of her physio or try do some exercise. Just sat and smoked 60 a day and became dependent on full time care :(. Rip

  16. I was a bit drunk when I watched the McPherson tape for first time and it freaked me the fuck out.

  17. Was able to tackle that the other day with an azov heavy crane towing two ramped flatbed trailers. Was a bitch to get them turned around down there but was able to get it done somehow.

  18. Thank you, I was having to wait until I was on tonight before answering that.

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