What're the chances my neighbors house has a dead body?

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  1. Now i know why my mom would always say "birthdays are for family" - she didnt want to pay for those other kids!

  2. Ok fine, if you cant keep from kissing the baby so that they dont risk getting a really bad illness then you can wait until springtime to even SEE the baby. You have to protect your baby, even if its from its own grandmother.

  3. For me the whole Randy as a replacement Eric wasn't near as infuriating as them putting Jackie and Fez together! That last season was just trash all around

  4. He wants his mom to experience it to I said she can be outside but not in the room

  5. Tell her to watch a video of someone giving birth. Its not a freaking show. He's there because he's the father, your mom is there because shes YOUR mom and you want her there. And tell your husband until he pushes a lemon out of his pee hole, he has no say in who's there.

  6. long torso babe here too and these cool onezies snap extenders things are amazing! google it. we got a pack of three that fit 3 different brands. and i used onezies until atleast age 2.5. i liked them for winter bc shirts would lift up and let cold air,dirt etc in.

  7. Love it, i plan to use onesies for a while at least. I feel like shes a little more protected and put together

  8. Oh I hope not. My second is an absolute garbage pail kid(ie - she will not hesitate to dig in the garbage, reach into her diaper for a poop check, or eat things off the floor.) I am so thankful she never worked out how to get diapers off! They do make diaper covers, though! For just such occasions. 😁

  9. Lol good to know just in case!

  10. At least he's consistent, looks like the same alien in every pic

  11. I have Aetna and they had a list of websites to buy from. I chose Aeroflow due to comments from others online about the ease and speed of the company. It had me enter in my insurance info and then it sent me an email about a day later approving me to order. It showed me what was free and what was an upgrade. I do believe they set specific ship dates based on when you’re due but I do think due date sounds way too late. I’m due 10/18 and got mine second week of august

  12. Second Aeroflow. It was easy to give my info and get coverage info back quickly. I picked out my pump that was covered and a bag (maybe $30) and got it a few weeks later. I wasnt due for another 3/4 months but i wanted to make sure it was ready when she got here. They even sent me an update email about changing parts and how it was covered. Got the new parts a couple days later!

  13. Some insurance plans will cover the cost of replacement pump parts. I used Aeroflow to get my breast pump and if they hadn’t notified me that my insurance would cover the replacement parts I never would’ve known!

  14. Same! I got that email the other day and just got my parts yesterday. Been a little busy to switch out but now Im looking forward to having a bigger supply!

  15. You never realize how many people you hate until you are trying to name a baby. It took my husband and I months to come up with names for our kids that we wouldn't associate with someone we didn't like.

  16. Amen, you have to go and think about what comes to mind when someone says a name. And then you have to think of bad nicknames that people could make out of the names you like, just in case

  17. And what the initials are going to be. There was a girl in my high school named Francesca Alice Taylor... Poor kid was called Fat Franny for YEARS!

  18. Sad to say but people need to think about nicknames that bullies will give them because of their name and/or initials.

  19. Flying roaches are scary as is. A whale sized one flying towards me would instantly kill me out of sheer fear

  20. I was actually less than pre pregnancy weight right after. Did I look like it? Hell no! But that was because I got full so easy when I was pregnant and a lot of times I wasn't hungry I just made sure to eat for the baby. So i kind of stayed around the same weight during pregnancy, gaining only 12 lbs (most of it right towards the end) and 8 lbs of that was baby.

  21. Wow only 12, that sounds like so little to me, I gained 10 (maybe more) during my first trimester alone!

  22. Oh I'm feeling that right now. And walking around house barefoot isnt helping that at all, but I don't wear shoes in the house - off at the front door.

  23. Yessssss! I get them all the time where my thighs rub. I try to not wear short shorts, no matter how cute they are, because it causes this problem. I try to make sure that all my shorts are long enough for my thighs to not 'eat'. Unless I'm lounging at home and not doing alot of walking. Because otherwise it's a 1-2 week long irritating recovery process. And not worth it IMO... I don't have any good tips for recovery though, other than hot wash cloth, and antibiotic ointment. Because the sticky on the bandaid to keep it covered, cause me MORE irritation issues than not covering it.... You are NOT alone! Good luck! I hope you find relief soon!

  24. Girl, you mention that bandaid and i felt all that pain. Yeah it keeps it from rubbing against the other thigh but the PAIN of taking it off!!!???? Who knew that skin was so sensitive

  25. okay cause my sister is mid sized and she has big thighs too and i brought it to her and she was the one who mentioned the bandaid, im literally never taking her advice again. i even mentioned the skin sensitivity and she was like “you’re such a baby” and i really am a baby for pain, idk what hurt more, the boil or taking the bandaid off 💀💀💀

  26. I do not have sensitive skin but that bandaid hurts so bad. But it keeps the boil from not hurting (more than it does). So its either walk like a cartoon cowboy that just got off the horse or be somewhat comfortable for a while and down for the count after taking the bandage off.

  27. I had leggings and tunic planned but trying to put on those things just felt like too much work. So i just went with my usual comfort outfit - basketball shorts and a baggy t shirt AKA the Adam Sandler special.

  28. How far can they walk? also when and what day the game is relevant.

  29. Drop them off. Minute Maid offers wheelchairs for those who need it. They took good care of my friend's dad when we went last year.

  30. Thanks, we are meeting them there but since ill be out im going to get them from the parking garage and drop them off at the front and then go pick up the bf

  31. aww bless her heart, i hope she feels better! it can happen that you get a release of something other than gas when using the windi. i just keep a diaper under her and be mindful of where the other end of the windi is pointing. it’s never been an explosion or anything crazy though

  32. Thanks for the advice, i always try to keep the diaper there to catch anything but sometimes she catches you right in between switches.

  33. Just fyi, you should be massaging clockwise, not counterclockwise. Colons go from right to left (clockwise).

  34. Oh geez! Idk why i thought i read counter clockwise somewhere, thank you for letting me know! I dont think it made it worse but it could have been making it better this whole time. FTM if you didnt figure that out lol

  35. Update 1: about 5 cop cars showed up and inspected the house for about 45 minutes. When they finally came out, i asked about the situation. Unfortunately they said there were several dead cats and other animals. They said the house must have belonged to a hoarder. Trash, animal feces, and dried up cat/rat bodies all over the place, which could explain the amount of flies in the house but the cops couldn't get much farther in and need to call in a special team to look into it and see about cleaning up the place. I'll update with more information as it comes.

  36. Those poor animals. I hope there's not a person in there as well

  37. NTA. Offer her the breastmilk, you're not being insensitive towrds her at all. I know this is a sensitive subject all around but I'm sure she will be grateful for the offer.

  38. YTA. Thats not your secret to tell. You could have gone on pretending you didnt hear, there would absolutely be no way your husband would know you knew. You knew he wouldnt take it well, she knew he wouldnt take it well. She was working on figuring out how to tell him, it was not your secret to tell.

  39. And that the tiger go to a sanctuary instead of sitting in that fucking room.

  40. Seriously, I hate that place because its so small - who thought it was a good idea to basically lock that poor thing in a harry potter closet? So depressing

  41. All that humping the air did wonders

  42. More of a pop-up shop than a scoop shop, but Underground Creamery. Top notch ice cream and soo many mixins, "no hoed pints" as the owner Josh says. Very unique even among the best artisan-y ice cream shops I've tried.

  43. Managed to get a couple of pints before he went to his new system, when he would do the clues to let you know when they dropped.

  44. The game goes on! But now the clues are even harder, like sneaking drop times into a completely unrelated promo video (check out 0:16 of

  45. Im missing the clue! 😫 it might be baby brain but i have not been able to figure out when the drop times are except for when he first did the new system and had the times on there. That's probably why i haven't tried to play.

  46. Bitch you're a tasteless patty

  47. 🤣🤣 this made my morning!

  48. I bet he had the most adorable smushed beard when he finally got up. My favorite part of the sleepy schnauzer

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