1. She's telling you to stop touching her there. My cat does this when I touch him anywhere but his head.

  2. I find it difficult to believe that the irony of banning 1984 isn't lost on the people who banned it.

  3. People need to realize that a lot of zombie media isn't about the zombies, its about the characters and how they deal with it and develop. To me, this episode was about how even after the end of the world and fungus controlled cannibals wander the Earth, love can still exist.

  4. Yes, that is a concern. However, Virtamate is also currently doing subscription model. I suppose NSFW is the reason why so many people would pay for their platform. (They are making 100k - 200k per month).

  5. I'm honestly not the best person to ask as I'm really not a fan of social VR platforms, but maybe a bit cheaper than this Virtamate you mentioned? Not sure.

  6. Thanks for the feedback! No worries, I would love to hear your comments. I want to make something that users can actually be benefited from.

  7. My main issue with VR games is a lack of high quality ones. I want more high quality games with less jank and more realism.

  8. What? Rick attacked Woodbury because two of his people had been kidnapped and taken there. The Governor then went on to murder a bunch of people from Woodbury then burn down and destroy what was left. Rick didn't destroy Woodbury, he took in what remained of the Governor's victims.

  9. twd fans try not to post about how much they hate andrea every .5 nanoseconds challenge

  10. Not really. My mum calls me the cat's brother. Which is a bit strange. He's just an animal that lives in our house with us.

  11. I have never wanted to punch someone in the face more than I do now

  12. Please don't ask this on reddit at such a young age. If you're looking for people with similar interests, I know there's people your age on Chandler Rigg's discord server. It's called Chairhandler, just google it and you can join it.

  13. What do you mean, remember them? You can still buy these.

  14. I'd probably fuck my life up even further in an attempt to improve it so I'll just take the money

  15. I feel like everyone on this subreddit is at least mildly autistic because a good chunk of people here don't seem to understand sarcasm or humour

  16. He doesn't piss me off, I just don't get the fascination with him. So many people seem to be obsessed with him and they have a meltdown when anyone says they don't like him.

  17. I've seen a lot of clips from him and they're all just him being racist and calling people the N word on Omegle. I don't really get the humour in it.

  18. pitbulls try not to maul an innocent child for no reason challenge (impossible)

  19. Hey Joel, stop doin the griddy in front of the Clickers. They don't like that, you're gettin em all riled up

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