1. Thanks dude. Wish some of the other Bills fans were more like you but every fan base has their assholes including us. Good luck this season

  2. Unfortunately that’s just the way it goes. Same to you, definitely looking forward to this renewed rivalry. At least we can say in unison, FTP!

  3. Mordecai got me into BTBAM. First heard it on a victory records sample CD back around 03 or 04. Will always be my favorite song

  4. Also the song that got me into them, right before colors came out. Blew my mind

  5. Can someone tell me if this is true? What do they communicate and how? Is it like Morse code? Or like a visual thing based on who is banging?

  6. Players will tap their stick to call for a pass. The goalie often slams their stick when they are on a power play and it is about to expire.

  7. Oh I thought it was talking about the guys in the box. That makes sense.

  8. Oh yeah it totally does, whoops. Yeah it’s just loud clapping at that point

  9. I don’t know if you’re allowed to do that

  10. Yes. They zoom in to them in the sketch. They are a two-way hinge but I think the average person doesn't know the difference.

  11. Sounds like somewhere your wires got crossed

  12. Sadly similar crap was happening Tuesday night in St. Louis. Someone was going on about trash cans and cheating. Gausman turned around pointed at the two guys yelling. They were immediately kicked out. Didn't see them the rest of the night. Solid teammate.

  13. Ha, I was sitting in their section. Absolutely terrible chirps at him, but at least he was having fun with them back.

  14. I’m not surprised but I’m MASSIVELY disappointed in the fan base. Has no place in our game and I hope they were reported, kicked out and banned for any that were at the game.

  15. It’s almost embarrassing to be a Blues fan right now

  16. I'm sure the comments in here will be level headed

  17. Us Blues fans are used to getting updates on our team in

  18. Somebody tell me where to jizz so I can give this lady her salad!

  19. The game in 2015 was perfect up until a date i don’t remember because of how bad the game became

  20. You’re looking in the mirror, so you already should be laughing

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