1. A few flipper cards I remember off the top of my head that are legal Commanders, all the origins Planeswalkers (Jace, Lillian, Nissa, Chandra, Gideon), they transform into planeswalkers but their normal form is a legend creature, Archangel Avacyn (note this one allows you to have red in the deck since the opposite side is red), and Nicol Bolas the Ravager, face card is a legend creature but transforms into a Planeswalker.

  2. But consoles don’t get thrown out unless they’re defective.

  3. I am more talking about how they create a whole new console, IE new case to it, new boards, new power supply, etc. If they had refreshes during mid gen where they had a modular console where I could in essence, buy a new GPU or CPU to give it more power, that would reduce the amount of metal and plastic used that a brand new console would create.

  4. I think this depends on how the texts are written. It's one thing to factually describe a situation or what you have done, and another to write it like a soft porn or role playing scene.

  5. Exactly. Theres one thing talking sexual and another talking about sex. The way this post was written sounded like the latter. Like me talking to friends about what kinks im interested in but another to talk about said friends doing those to me

  6. Just because someone of the male gender has or has had a girlfriend, doesn’t make them straight. Same as someone who likes the same gender doesn’t make them gay. I am a man that is married to a man but do not identify as gay. It seems Sam knows he is not straight or completely straight and is curious about being with other men.

  7. I personally know someone who hasn’t played since legion who voted for stuff he didn’t like just cuz he could. Im sure there were def other trolls who did that too

  8. Honestly, i wasnt even a fan of WoD in general. But especially hate Grimrail

  9. Old coworker was a Pharmacist in India and a other was in Columbia. They were not allowed to practice as pharmacists, needed to apply as technicians to work in a pharmacy because the US wouldnt recognize their credentials.

  10. Nice, what engine did you get? I have the 3.6l v6 version. The tires, lsd, and shocks are fairly capable off road, have fun!

  11. I dont blame you, id feel differently about my jeep if I wasn't working from home and having to commute every day... I think I'm down to 15-16 mpgs since upgrading tire size... my google history is full of "can I convert wrangler JL to electric?" and similar questions lol.

  12. No, we would be making unit doses for the patient like we normally do. Our stability in a fridge is 9 days but a freezer is 45. They will be traveling so we are trying to make it easier for them than giving them a 2l bag for each day and them making their own bags for that day.

  13. Oh right on. Didn’t realize this was an outpatient setting. Baxa/Exactamix empty IV bags come in sizes from 250ml-3L and seem to be EVA (or similar to what Baxter’s premixed frozen bags are). Good luck!

  14. We have those for our TPN patients as well but they are Baxter products and they dont recommend freezing the bags. Just sucks how there is information for stability of meds being frozen but no way to do it.

  15. People swear Sony is intentionally playing games (funny right?) . Like what they want first and foremost is to frustrate the customer.

  16. Ok, no need to act that way. Im just venting my frustration that they intentionally designed this system to have more tickets at a “chance” to buy a console than actually having consoles in stock.

  17. They never guaranteed you a console, simply the chance to. Also you should have entered before the time. Plenty of people were ahead of you by then

  18. I actually tried that but it said the queue wasn’t open yet and I needed to wait til 2pm

  19. I dont have any retail experience at all other than regular non pharmacy retail. I applied for a hospital after being in long term care and here I am. If you show you know what you know, then they should give you a chance. Also, what I did because Im moving across state lines, is I called the hospital directly to speak to the recruiter, it really helps.

  20. For this kind of question. I always go with how much of volume of 8% i need and use aligation. I always have issues with your method. Alligation will tell you how much 20% u need in order to make the amount of volume 8% you need

  21. You just keep them now. You don’t have to return them anymore.

  22. I canceled the plates on my land cruiser, when I brought them to the dmv they wouldn’t take them and the woman explained they don’t collect them anymore.

  23. You sure that was just because of covid or legitly they will never take them back?

  24. Very nive. Mine is loose all over. Every time i tried to do a pose a piece will fell. So it just standing up. You got the same issue?

  25. Same issue with me. The back piece with the cover to the gn engine will not stay on at all. And the LED buts i bought will not work even though they are the bandai brand ones. I really want to finish but its making me super emo and not wanting to actually build my PG 00 Seven Sword because this kit is giving me hassles.

  26. Found out that my antenna is scratching my paint. Any suggestions on fixing paint and what to do to stop car wash from scratching my paint more?

  27. Because any damage to the exterior will require me to pay for it. I want to make sure that it stays in good condition. Its not a free rental. I have to pay for anything thats wrong when i give it back, if i give it back.

  28. Im actually not, my last car was a lease and i got charged 500 because of scratched rims so ya. Ima try and make sure this car is immaculate when i return it. But again, thank you for your wonderful two cents. If i need some advice on not what to do, i will most certainly ask you in the future.

  29. I downloaded a dig copy of odyssey the other day when i bought the gold edition and my speed was 300mb/s, which is my max speed. I downloaded it on my One S, so dont know if that makes a difference

  30. YJ 87-95 (no such thing as a 96 wrangler)

  31. Ya I just looked that up. Apparently the 2021's are considered JL models but older ones with standard keys with no push to start, no backup cam, and no lights on the fenders are considered JK models. 2018 was the only year that had both.

  32. The 2021 should actually be a JL I believe. But the differences are just the model versions. Think of it like corevettes. They have the models called C1, C2, etc. but the current one is C8. JL is just the current model

  33. Ok like certain years til now are the JL but older ones are different models? I think I get it now, thanks

  34. What is a heep, if I may ask? I see the posts but don't quite understand.

  35. It’s a Jeep not up to public standards. Take that grill off and it’s not a heep

  36. So anything modded? cuz all I see is a nice ass grill on a nice jeep

  37. Wow, that store actually has some in stock, everytime I go to walmart, they have nothing of MTG, yugioh and pokemon.

  38. I just summoned it and it took like 10 mins to be able to click everything to clear. Atleast it was all free.

  39. I'm thinking you have the Anvil color, which I love, but wasn't available on the JLs. OP has Sting-Gray, which is also awesome, and very similar to Anvil, but less blue.

  40. I wanted the Captain Blue, there was one located out of state with that color but couldn’t wait 2 weeks to get it. Covid made it impossible to buy new cars out of state dame day for my current state. So this one was easier for me, I am happy though. This one has a lift kit, a hard top, and the winter package while the other was soft top with neither add ons.

  41. What job requires buying a brand new upgraded trim Jeep?

  42. Lol, i got a promotion to working in a hospital from my old facility, came with close to 20k a year wage increase. Decided to splurge as a congrats to myself. So the job doesnt require a Willys, my wants needed a Willys or higher. Sadly cannot afford a Rubicon yet, maybe once this one is paid off, ill trade it in for one.

  43. The sterile compounding cert is a supplemental of your regular certification. I started out in IV in a LTC, now that I have experience, I am moving into a hospital to further my career. I would focus on getting the regular PTCB Certification and then work your way up through the others when you've worked as an IV tech.

  44. Wil the alternate art Arts cards be exclusive to the collectors boosters or will they also be in the regular draft boosters? A couple of the announced ones I wanna see if I can snag for a Commander deck of mine.

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