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  1. Nope. Happened with jcrew and a few other big box places but never dfx. You should contact them about it.

  2. LoL. I remember the P.E. coach taking two kids who had a beef and saying, "let's go settle it," and walked 'em out behind the baseball diamond so they could "work it out."

  3. I had a PE teacher in middle school that said to kids if they were late once they were tardy, and if they were late again they were re-tardy and was always the only one laughing at his own joke. Pretty sure he called a couple kids gay or homo during rollcall, too.

  4. Yes, Massachusetts accent is born for comedy.

  5. Oh yeah. S as soon s as I saw the stone wall I knew I was being transported back to NE. Miss it…Not the second half of winter though. Was waiting for the dude to say ‘you’re gonna blow out all of your fuckin dunks!’

  6. I feel like that commercial is always on my Hulu and don’t know where in life I went wrong to have such a specific but incorrectly targeted ad.

  7. Nice line! Does it hurt or sting at all? I haven’t really heard anything about how it feels.

  8. Mdme Tussauds has begun making food with their pieces. Interesting!

  9. Congrats! Definitely a different watch than a Portugueser for sure - can’t go wrong either way for just about any outfit. And absolutely yes to the buy in a bracelet rule. Learned that the hard way on two pieces. Cheers!

  10. Shelter pups are the best!!! Mine still does that with his ears when he’s unsure of something…which is all of the time😭😭😭

  11. Lmfao and homie watched the whole thing go down. His face at the end has me screaming. Like, what do you even do after seeing that?

  12. Nearly everything is crude and simple when you look at it from the inside. That’s how science works, building upon knowledge with logic.

  13. Definitely read that last word as ‘magic’ which made me chuckle - I need to finish my coffee

  14. I got the blue dial 45 right about a year ago. Same! 🍻

  15. Don’t forget to clock back in when you leave the broom closet

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