Anna Duggar, formerly Anna Keller, did everything conservatives want. She stayed a virgin, had 7 children, married the only man she ever touched. Today, that man, Josh Duggar, is in prison for possession of violent CSAM, some of the most violent the DHS had ever seen. He also molested his sisters.

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  1. Okay... When it comes to the concept of families insisting on vacation church, I challenge anyone to top my family. (I hope, for everyone's sake, my family can't be topped.) Here goes...

  2. Driving lessons in Belgium are so, so costly, omg. You would’ve been spending at least $1k. Why not donate that instead? I wonder what your grandmas would’ve said about you tithing $1k instead of going to Sunday meetings.

  3. The man is angry and chronically unhappy. Deep down, he has never been happy with his life.

  4. Classic example of "It's only unacceptable until it affects me"

  5. I hope other Mormon women will read it and maybe see themselves in her shoes, at least. :-/

  6. I travel internationally for vacation at least twice a year (me, my husband, and our teenage son). We prioritize travel in our marriage; my kid explored 12 different countries with us before his 13th birthday.

  7. OMG, I also had TP, paper towels and hand sanitizer to last me the whole pandemic! Because I buy that shit when it’s on sale, not because the voices in my head tell me to get them.

  8. We bought a new house in February and moved March 10, 2020. We had a totally empty pantry and trying to find pantry basics (including TP) was fucking brutal, lol.

  9. When David was a kid, his dad killed himself. I’m actually starting to wonder if David has depression or inherited a tendency towards a mood disorder or something. I’m not trying to armchair diagnose him but he really does look so consistently checked out nowadays, and I feel like it’s gotten worse over the past year or two.

  10. It’s pretty difficult for a kid or adult to process their parent’s suicide when they are in therapy. I can’t imagine he ever properly worked through it.

  11. OMG, poor Janessa! Her shoes are ridiculously huge, poor thing. I don’t know how she can run and play with shoes that ill fitted. 😭

  12. My son’s mom (I’m his stepmom) always put him in shoes that were much too large. Poor kid was always tripping over his feet. 😭

  13. Oh my gosh, go you! I appreciate the lengths you've gone to for our snark!

  14. So random about Chino. That’s where I grew up, lol. Lots of dairy farms in the 80s and 90s.

  15. As a math teacher, I concur. I can’t draw a graph without making sounds.

  16. Sometimes when I'm on the manic side of my BD I feel like I have these really awesome ideas and start a ton of projects, then when I come down from the mania I never have the energy to follow through. I'm not saying she has BD, just that the behaviors are similar. It's like a mini god complex.

  17. I honestly suspect that she's insecure about having a small butt. Paul's clearly an ass man and all the influencers she tries to emulate typically have big butts.

  18. My ass looks just like hers and I would be so self-conscious posting a sideways shot, for sure.

  19. I am unsure about Kelly specifically, but the specific wording she used "excellence, excellence" and "pressure to do BIG things" mirrors the wording my husband uses to describe his childhood, especially in the context that Kelly graduated from a fairly rigorous and selective college.

  20. Imagine having a masters degree in bioengineering and your parents being disappointed in how your life has turned out. Fuck. I’m super sorry for your husband. Happy he has you for support.

  21. I’m telling you, I wrote this post and sat on it because I was worried sick that it could be perceived as being judgemental on Americans and I didn’t want it come across that way at all. I also didn’t want to add to the upset with insensitive thoughts. I regularly watch a YT channel called ‘Soft White Underbelly’ where a photographer interviews people who predominantly live on Skid Row. Nearly all have drug addictions. A good percentage of the women have had abortions. Nearly all of them are really good people who have experienced trauma (usually childhood) and are just trying to survive life. As an Australian I have learnt a lot from the channel.

  22. It should be judgmental towards Americans. We are fucking up HARDCORE.

  23. Way too low? And yep, a NICU stay in Australia wouldn’t cost anything.

  24. I once looked at a listing seeking a roommate for a group housing situation in my neighborhood where the current roommates were all very into activism and communal living. The existing roommates were all white and they felt just awful about that so they really really needed a black roommate! It was creepy as hell and I have always wondered if a) they actually found someone and b) if so, how that person was treated. Sometimes it's better to do like Greczyk and say "yeah, we do look alike, sucks but that happens sometimes" than go around collecting human beings to add interest to your group photos.

  25. Watching my neighbors kit out their RV for vacations cemented my decision that they are not for me. They pretty much had to buy all the pots, pans, and dishes for a full kitchen and all the bedding. It was like supplying a second house. The maintenance before and after trips takes days.

  26. Honestly, this is why I’m over camping. The prep of food and supplies, ensuring everything is in good order and you have everything, plus the clean up when you get home? All for 2 nights in the woods? I’m so over it.

  27. The land has utilities already there.

  28. The land in flagstaff? It does not. The land in Alaska? It does not either.

  29. You should make a separate post sharing these because everyone is under the impression there are no services on those plots of land.

  30. Y’all. Fuck this man & his horrific, gut-wrenching crimes forever and ever. But are we really celebrating the terrible violence & unlivable conditions of prisons in the US? This is a super upsetting article.

  31. The prison system is absolutely fucked in the US. I had to skip this sub for awhile because I can’t imagine wishing such horror on people. Heatstroke is not okay. Prisoners are humans, goddammit.

  32. What I really don’t understand is why none of these pilots are trying to get a job as a commercial pilot when the average income is around $100K.

  33. Private pilots licensing is nothing like being a commercial pilot. That requires a shitton of expensive schooling.

  34. Omg. I absolutely ALWAYS want to know what people’s credentials are??? What in the world?!

  35. I’m a private tutor and the first day I meet a new student, I explain what my experience/credentials are. I don’t even wait for people to ask. 🤷‍♀️

  36. I suppose it’s never occurred to Bethany that not all 9-5 jobs are bad. Like, she doesn’t know a single person who has a job they love? Or something they’re good at and passionate about? Some people don’t want to be their own boss? Some people enjoy going to work? Nope. Can’t be true. She’s so one-dimensional, she must be so boring to be around.

  37. Anna's brother offered her a full out. Come live with him, her and all the kids. She said no thanks.

  38. These aren’t reasonable solutions. No sibling can take on an adult and her 7 children for the next 18 years. This isn’t a plan or solution to get her out of this mess, it just changes the power dynamic from Josh to her sibling.

  39. She has multiple siblings in the outside world who are wealthy, who have given her full offers of taking in her and every single one of her now 7 children. She has refused every single time and thrown her full support to her husband even after sitting the the courtroom being given a full graphic, explicit rundown of the content he was consuming. This from someone who was brainwashed to think that the outside liberal world is evil because it supposedly produces "immoral people." Don't feel too bad.

  40. No matter how wealthy her siblings are, she’s looking at at least 18 more years of supporting her children. Can she rely on her siblings for that long? What happens if the sibling backs out? What does Anna do then?

  41. It might have a good sex offender rehab program, but doesn’t that require him to admit wrongdoing? I wonder if he will.

  42. Anna did write on her insta about her and Pest’s 14 year engagement anniversary. “On my way to see my bestie” hints quite a bit here, so there definitely could’ve been that.

  43. I have to be the last remaining person on this sub that has had a tiny bit of empathy remaining for her, but… that’s gone out the window, omfg, imagine calling someone convicted of possession of child porn your “bestie.”

  44. Or Janelle is extremely open minded. She always said she doesn't care what the kids choose, as long as they're good people and happy.

  45. I’m pretty progressive and open minded. I have a 13 y/o boy who hasn’t said one way or another who he’d like to date and I still catch myself saying, “girlfriend” or “wife” and have to correct myself to say, “or partner.”

  46. They don't... I've seen people complain on Twitter to them and they ignore all of it and just keep going with it. They think everyone will watch, and I guess we do.

  47. Everything you said, except I don't even watch. I just come here because Robyn and Kody Brown are unbearable to watch.

  48. The secondhand cringe makes this way too difficult to watch. I just use the sub to keep up with what’s going on.

  49. It was so cringe-inducing that I had to stop watching it years ago. For me, it was the blatant selfishness of Robyn offering to be a surrogate to Meri. That was a blatant power play and selfish move on her part and I was disgusted.

  50. Am I right in thinking the overturning is unconstitutional for Jewish people? I don't know anything about US laws but presumably it infringes on your religious freedoms?

  51. I hope to god it gets heard as a religious freedom issue since, clearly, privacy didn’t work.

  52. Um so, as someone whose parents gave them sweets but “only rarely, to teach them moderation”, let me tell you, it didn’t work. Like at all.

  53. I’m the same way. Sweets were restricted and now I have a major sweet tooth. I didn’t have any control over junk food because it had been so restricted.

  54. I was in Uganda (hiking, not as a missionary, lol) when Pest was sentenced and none of your articles were available to read outside the US. I was so annoyed I couldn’t give you the clicks, I’m sorry!

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